The Challenge star Wes Bergmann throws savage jab at Johnny Bananas on birthday, fans react

the challenge wes bergmann jokes about bananas on birthday
The Challenge’s Wes Bergmann is known for trading funny remarks with castmates, including Johnny Bananas. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge star Johnny Bananas just recently celebrated his birthday, and it wouldn’t be complete without fans, friends, and his favorite Ginger castmate extending birthday wishes.

While many individuals gave Bananas a traditional “Happy Birthday,” that wasn’t the case with his former rival and newfound friend or ally, Weston Bergmann. Instead, the two-time champ shared a hilarious joke as he wished the seven-time Challenge champion well on what was his 39th birthday.

It was the type of jab that fans have come to love over the years from the two Challenge OGs, and could be more evidence of their blossoming friendship and alliance that nobody saw coming.

Wes makes joke remark about Bananas for birthday

With Bananas celebrating his last birthday before hitting 40, it seemed appropriate that Wes would throw a jab his way with a nice picture of himself posing alongside Bananas and his father.

After wishing the standard “Happy Birthday” to his castmate, rival, friend, and ally, Wes tossed in one of those jabs he and Bananas are famous for tossing at each other during their confessionals and exchanges on The Challenge.

“This was the first time I met his dad. And the first time I had been to his house when Johnny was actually there,” Wes remarked before tossing in his punchline.

“But about my 30th trip to the house when I would visit his mom. So I knew my way around,” Wes finished off his birthday greeting tweet with (below).

Yes, Wes really took it there with Bananas, but luckily the two share that sort of relationship from their years of banter on and off MTV’s The Challenge. Somehow, they put their differences aside, or at the very least, have learned to get along and can continue joking about each other’s differences.

The two castmates seemingly became new friends and allies during The Challenge: Total Madness season, which also saw them engage in plenty of mischief during episodes. That included Wes and Johnny convincing rookie Jenn Lee to prepare a silly speech about getting voted into elimination. There was also the pair’s elaborate decorating of a bedroom in the Total Madness bunker in an attempt to make it more romantic for castmates Kailah Casillas and Stephen Bear.

Of course all’s fair in terms of love, friendship, and The Challenge, as the two eventually had to face off in elimination. Bananas ousted his new pal but gave him a hug after sending him home for the season.

Fans react to Wes’ playful jab at Bananas

The hilarious joke Wes made about his castmate’s mother could’ve gone horribly wrong, but luckily most of their fans, supporters, and/or Challenge viewers know about this duo’s dynamic.

Wes’ tweet has already received plenty of love with over 3,000 Likes as of this report. It’s also received numerous comments from fans, mostly of the crying laughing emoji kind. However, there are others who are appreciating the relationship of Wes and Bananas that has formed.

the challenge fan reacts to wes tweet
Pic credit: @BrandiChamp/Twitter

Other fans who have watched Wes and Bananas over their many years on MTV’s The Challenge are still finding the friendship to be “weird” but realize it’s good to see. The two costars seem to know how to get the best entertainment from their appearances on the reality TV show and may even assist the producers in creating or shaping certain storylines.

challenge fan reacts to wes joke about bananas
Pic credit: @beardown97/Twitter

With their newfound alliance or friendship, or whatever it might be, it has some fans wanting both of these Challenge OGs back on the screen and competing for more championships. One fan suggested they make their return on an upcoming season and work together.

challenge fan reacts to wes bergmann twitter joke about bananas
Pic credit: @casey6598618/Twitter

Along with the above suggestion, another fan asked about either Wes or Bananas returning to The Challenge. Wes informed fans he’d be unable to appear on Season 37. The seven-time champion Bananas hasn’t said he wouldn’t return in the future, but he hasn’t given any indication of a potential return season yet.

challenge fan reacts to wes joke about bananas about return to show
Pic credit: @CurtisD1986/Twitter

However, Wes and Bananas recently hung out to film an upcoming episode of the show Bananas currently hosts, Celebrity Sleepover, on NBC. The new episode is due out in the fall. Bananas shared some behind-the-scenes footage of the filming and their joking around. Could the two also have been linking up to talk about a return strategy for winning MTV’s show?

While the two Challenge legends aren’t part of Season 37, it still seems possible they could pop up again on MTV’s show for Season 38 or beyond. If not there, there’s always that All Stars spinoff, which seems to have spots reserved for these former Real World stars-turned-Challenge OGs.

The Challenge Season 37 premiere date is TBA for 2021 on MTV.

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