The Challenge: Paulie Calafiore apologizes for ‘impulsive and disrespectful’ tweet about Johnny Bananas

paulie calafiore in the challenge confessional scene
Paulie Calafiore apologized for remarks he made about several Ride or Dies stars. Pic credit: MTV

Former The Challenge finalist Paulie Calafiore apologized for his recent comments towards Ride or Dies star Johnny Bananas and his rookie castmate.

Paulie tweeted about Bananas’ potential showmance with The Challenge rookie Moriah Jadea, throwing serious shade toward the seven-time champion.

He also brought up several of Bananas’ previous showmances and suggested that they didn’t work out for the other women that connected with The Challenge star.

However, Paulie later deleted his tweet and apologized for what he’d said about his former Challenge castmate and the rookie.

He referred to his remarks as “extremely impulsive and disrespectful,” although they’re not the first time he’s fired off comments at stars on Ride or Dies.

This report may contain spoilers from The Challenge: Ride or Dies on MTV.

Paulie throws shade at The Challenge’s Bananas

While Paulie Calafiore may have deleted a tweet he made about Bananas, a Challenge superfan grabbed a screenshot which they shared on Instagram.

It shows Paulie taking aim at Bananas, who was revealed during a Ride or Dies episode with some interest in his rookie castmate Moriah. During the same episode, Moriah said she typically didn’t go for someone like Bananas but enjoyed his personality. She also mentioned her mother warning her about Bananas.

Earlier this week, Moriah shared a photo of herself at the gym in a pair of tight leggings with the caption, “Putting all the thanksgiving food to work.” That prompted Paulie to reply with a tweet throwing some serious shade at Bananas.

“I can’t help but see this and wonder how she thought a 3in [shrimp emoji] would get through all that [peach emoji]… do rookies do their research and realize that nobody comes back after that? Just ask Natalie, Angela, Morgan, Jenny, etc. y’all stay playing yourself,” Paulie said in his Twitter comment.

paulie tweet about johnny bananas from jaychallenge1
Pic credit: @jaychallenge1/Instagram

Paulie’s tweet brings up several other showmances Bananas had over his seasons, including Angela Babicz, Natalie Negrotti, Jenny West, and Morgan Willett. Of those individuals, Bananas went on to have a relationship of two years or so with Morgan.

Morgan also replied to Paulie’s tweet with some comments that are still live on Twitter as of this writing.

“Only research that is done is on a therapist to deal with the aftermath,” she wrote.

morgan willett replies to paulie calafiore tweet
Pic credit: @morgan_willett/Twitter

Paulie apologizes for ‘impulsive and disrespectful’ tweet

Taking to Twitter later on Sunday evening, Paulie tweeted again, this time offering an apology for the earlier remarks he directed toward Moriah and Bananas.

“My tweet earlier was extremely impulsive and disrespectful. I’m still growing and learning, and I am working on the difference between what I perceive as a simple joke, and what is wrong. All love,” he tweeted with a heart emoji.

paulie calafiore offers apology for remarks to bananas
Pic credit: @PaulCalafiore_/Twitter

It’s not the first time during The Challenge: Ride or Dies season airing on MTV that Paulie has commented about a veteran cast member.

He previously attempted to call out Laurel Stucky over rumors that she said she’d walk off the show if Paulie’s girlfriend, Cara Maria Sorbello, showed up as a surprise competitor. Those rumors began when Veronica Portillo started them after her arrival to The Challenge Season 38. Aneesa Ferreira revealed that tidbit during MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast.

In another tweet, Paulie called out Bananas, suggesting that The Challenge legend promised he would stir things up with his return to the show but hadn’t delivered much in the Ride or Dies episodes. He also asked Bananas if he’d allow him and Cara to return to the MTV competition series, suggesting they’d “play nice” this time.

Some fans believe Paulie’s social media comments are a continued attempt by the two-time Challenge finalist to get back onto the show. He last appeared in 2019’s War of the Worlds 2 with Cara Maria, but neither has returned to the show since that season.

The Challenge: Ride or Dies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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