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The Challenge OGs spoilers: Two former winners possibly eliminated from spinoff season

tj lavin hosts cutthroat season of the challenge
The Challenge OGs spinoff season will be hosted by TJ Lavin. Pic credit: CBS All-Access

As a spinoff season featuring The Challenge OGs continues filming, potential spoilers are popping up online about which cast members may have exited the show.

The show will include some longtime stars from MTV’s Real World, Road Rules, and Challenge seasons. Based on recent spoilers, at least nine members of the cast have already made their exits.

Two of the latest cast members who may have left the show are also former winners on The Challenge, and the field is narrowing down to some strong remaining competitors.

Keep in mind, this report will feature potential spoilers for the upcoming OGs spinoff season which will likely air in the coming months.

Two former Challenge winners eliminated from OGs?

The Challenge OGs spinoff season is filming in Argentina, giving quite the contrast from the Double Agents’ cold location of Iceland. However, much like the current season, it appears the OGs spinoff is also holding male and female eliminations in the episodes.

There have already been many competitors announced as having exited the show. Now, three more competitors have been revealed as rumored eliminations in the past several days.

The Instagram fan account @thechallengeseason36 provided an update a few days ago (below), indicating that Laterrian Wallace and Katie Doyle were eliminated from the OGs season.

Laterrian, who is now 43, got his start on The Road Rules: Maximum Velocity Tour before moving to The Challenge. He appeared on Extreme Challenge, Battle of the Sexes, and The Gauntlet. He never reached a final and had 13 daily wins during his time on the show.

As for Katie, she is a former Challenge winner. Katie, now age 43, made her original debut on Road Rules: The Quest before going on The Gauntlet season of The Challenge. In her second season, The Inferno, Katie was part of the winning Road Rules team. She’d also go on to reach the final in her fourth season, The Gauntlet II. 

Katie appeared in a total of nine different seasons of The Challenge and is considered a fan favorite due to her many classic moments on the show.

A separate Instagram post from the same fan account revealed that Kendal Sheppard has also been eliminated from the OGs season. Kendal was also part of the winning team along with Katie on The Inferno season. That was Kendal’s only season of The Challenge, with her original MTV debut coming on Road Rules: Campus Crawl season.

Who else has been eliminated from OGs?

Based on a Vevmo forum thread, a total of nine cast members have now made their exits from The Challenge OGs spinoff season.

Laterrian joins Ace Amerson, Teck Holmes, and Syrus Yarbrough as potentially eliminated from the show for the men. For the women, Katie and Kendal join Trishelle Cannatella, Arissa Hill, and Beth Stolarczyk as potential eliminations so far.

Even though several former winners may be gone, there are still plenty of heavyweight Challenge stars remaining in the season. That includes two of the current Double Agents cast members who could have an edge. Both Aneesa Ferreira and Darrell Taylor have been part of the OGs season filming, right after appearing on Season 36 of the MTV series.

Darrell is a multiple-time Challenge winner, while Aneesa has yet to capture a championship during any of her numerous appearances on the show. Winning one on OGs might not be the same as a regular season, but would be a welcomed moment by her biggest supporters.

In addition to these two stars, other remaining competitors include Mark Long, Derrick Kosinski, Nehemiah Clark, Kellyanne Judd, and Jemmye Carroll.

The Challenge OGs spinoff season premiere date is TBA.

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