The Challenge legend reveals who they would take Gold Skull from on Double Agents

competitors prepare for daily mission on the challenge double agents
Competitors await their daily mission on The Challenge: Double Agents. Pic credit: MTV

Winning is a huge deal on The Challenge: Double Agents. Not only is it important to win a daily mission and seize power, but it’s also important to win an elimination.

Competitors are required to earn a Gold Skull during the season to compete in the final. However, the only way to earn that Skull is by winning in elimination. The risk is that if a competitor loses an elimination, they have to leave the show.

The other catch is that there are only 10 total Gold Skulls available. That’s five for the men and five for the women. Once they’ve all been won, competitors without them have to try to take them away from someone else.

Be forewarned that spoilers will follow in this post for the Double Agents season up through the eighth episode.

Double Agents Skull situation after Episode 8

Heading into Double Agents Episode 8, there were four male competitors with Gold Skulls. They were Fessy Shafaat, Kyle Christie, Devin Walker, and Leroy Garrett. That meant just one Skull was left for the men.

Kam Williams and Aneesa Ferreira were the only female competitors who won Gold Skulls. More women’s Skulls were available due to two female competitors leaving because of injury and Natalie Anderson leaving for a personal matter. So that left three Skulls for the women.

In Episode 8, it was another guy’s elimination event. The majority of the house votes went to Amber M and Mechie Harris, so they went into elimination. Since the Double Agents power team was Kam and Kyle, they chose to send in Josh Martinez and Nany Gonzalez.

Josh was able to win the Asset Destruction 2 elimination event rather easily against Mechie. This event was a repeat of the elimination that Aneesa won against her friend Tori Deal. However, the men had to solve a large puzzle before proceeding to the crate full of weighted balls they had to throw at breakable targets.

So that meant Josh got his first-ever elimination win on The Challenge and claimed the final Gold Skull for the men. Host TJ Lavin informed the other guys without Skulls they’d now need to try to take one from someone else if they wanted one.

Challenge veteran reveals who he wants to battle for Skull

After Episode 8, The Challenge: Double Agents Aftermath episode arrived on YouTube. During the latest post-show episode, host Devyn Simone flat out asked Chris “CT” Tamburello who he would want to take on to get a Gold Skull from.

“I mean, yeah, I’ll take The Goof,” CT replied, referring to Josh Martinez.

During the Double Agents episode and the Aftermath show, competitors talked about Josh being “goofy” with his physical abilities. He struggled at first when it came to throwing weighted balls at a wall of targets he needed to smash. Rather than smashing targets, as he threw the balls, they just hit the wall and fell to the ground.

“I think even though he’s really big and he’s really strong, I think overall it would be more beneficial for me to go after him and take him out,” CT said.

“For one, I think I would have probably the best chance of winning. Two, you know, I gotta start attacking some of these numbers,” he added as far as his strategy.

CT went on to give reasons he wouldn’t want to take on Kyle, Leroy, or Fessy as well. He didn’t mention Devin, and that could be because they had an alliance going.

There are still plenty of episodes left for Season 36 and it seems CT is a man on a mission when it comes to going into elimination and stealing away a Gold Skull.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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