The Challenge: Double Agents Votes Declassified video for Episode 11 features additional Lolo Jones comments

lolo jones during the challenge double agents episode 11 voting.
Lolo Jones explains her vote during The Challenge: Double Agents Episode 11. Pic credit: MTV

For The Challenge: Double Agents Episode 11, the agents’ voting seemed to come down to just two choices, depending on which alliance someone was with.

However, a few players or teams made surprising decisions with their votes when it came time to do so secretly.

Interestingly, the new Votes Declassified video shows one power couple placing some burn votes and Lolo Jones explaining how she would vote “going forward” despite the big decision she made in Episode 11.

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Double Agents Episode 11 Votes Declassified video arrives

In Double Agents Episode 11, Chris “CT” Tamburello and Tula “Big T” Fazakerley were the Double Agents power team. CT realized it was probably a male elimination day, so he was trying to ask people in the house to vote in Josh Martinez. That was so that CT could try to defeat Josh for his Gold Skull.

Devin Walker and Kyle Christie, who appear to be allied with CT during Double Agents, were on board. However, not everyone else was down with that plan.

Josh had numbers on his side thanks to being part of the Big Brother alliance. In the new Votes Declassified video (below), many of the agents are shown voting for Devin and his partner Gabby Allen to try to get rid of him.

Some individuals are shown voting for Josh Martinez and Nany Gonzalez. As expected, Devin and Kyle vote for them to go in. Surprisingly so does the rookie team of Nam Vo and Lolo Jones.

However, power couple Kam Williams and Leroy Garrett decided to burn their votes. Instead of voting against Devin Walker and Gabby Allen, they voted to send in Nam and Lolo, which seems interesting.

Based on the way things played out, Darrell Taylor became the “swing vote” as he could vote for either Josh or Devin. Darrell decided to vote for Devin, even though he explained he’s cool with him on the show. It came down to Darrell deciding to stick with his partner Amber Borzotra and her loyalty to the Big Brother alliance.

In the end, Devin and Gabby received the most secret votes and ended up joining TJ Lavin in The Crater at elimination. However, a security breach went off just before the episode ended, leaving viewers to wonder what might happen next.

Lolo Jones placed first vote against her alliance

In the Votes Declassified video above, Nam and Lolo both voted for Josh and Nany. Nam said he wanted to give his friend CT a chance to go down and earn his Gold Skull against Josh. Lolo has a different reason, though. She explained her decision with a speech about wanting to try to get into elimination.

“I cannot believe I’m doing this. This is my first vote against my alliance, but with this vote, I potentially might get a new partner because if they had given me a chance to go down and get my Gold Skull, I could’ve got a new partner last time,” Lolo said during her secret vote.

“Sorry, Big Brother alliance. I really wasn’t even on Big Brother. I was on Celebrity Big Brother. They served caviar on our season. Sorry Josh,” she said after placing her vote.

It’s possible that Lolo felt CT might swap Big T for her as his teammate if he won. He may have even told Lolo that, though it wasn’t revealed in any episodes.

When Episode 11 aired, Lolo gave an abbreviated speech while placing her secret vote. Lolo mentioned that last time she asked Big Brother to send her in, she “couldn’t get one vote.” She said, “So moving forward, I have to have my own back.”

In a morning scene, shown after the votes took place, Lolo was shown packing up her stuff to leave. She revealed to her Double Agents castmates that she had decided to leave the show due to wanting to go home and train for the Olympics. Part of that was because she felt her alliance wasn’t helping her get into the elimination to earn her Gold Skull.

Following the episode airing, Lolo took to Twitter to say she was forced to quit the show and that the daily mission was staged, which helped a certain team win. Right now, it’s unconfirmed if Lolo was, in fact, forced to quit by production, but it’s possible discussions were going on behind the scenes about her time on the show. Most likely, more details could be on the way about what went down.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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