The Challenge competitor tells All Stars castmate after Episode 7: ‘I owe you $500k’

the challenge all stars cast in episode 7
The Challenge: All Stars cast assembled for a daily challenge in Episode 7. Pic credit: Paramount+

In each episode of The Challenge, an elimination typically occurs, sending a competitor home for the season and ending their chances to win big prize money.

That has been the case with the Paramount+ spinoff, The Challenge: All Stars, where competitors are battling to reach the final and try to win the sole cash prize of $500,000.

At least one Challenge star recently informed their castmate they feel they owe them at least that much money after what went down at The Arena.

Competitor comments on All Stars elimination, tweets castmate

With just nine episodes of The Challenge: All Stars and 22 competitors, there was a twist introduced in Episode 5. Instead of a single competitor getting eliminated, it turned into double eliminations at The Arena.

The man and woman who were the worst-performing or last place in the daily challenge were automatically sent into elimination. Except for the two daily challenge winners, the rest of the cast would then deliberate and vote to determine another competitor to go into the elimination.

That competitor received a bit of an advantage as they were able to pick an elimination teammate of the opposite sex at The Arena. In the case of All Stars Episode 7, Eric “Big Easy” Banks and Jisela Delgado were the worst performers in the daily challenge.

Nehemiah Clark became the house vote, by one vote, and ended up facing them at The Arena. In terms of selecting a teammate, he chose an elimination beast, Kendal Sheppard, who had won twice previously in All Stars eliminations.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t three wins for Kendal. She and Nehemiah failed to defeat Jisela and Big Easy in Ring Cling in a close battle. That meant Kendal and Nehemiah were officially eliminated, just before host TJ Lavin announced everyone else was going to the final with $500,000 up for grabs.

Following the episode’s release, Nehemiah Clark took to Twitter on Friday morning to explain why he picked Kendal as his partner.

“I know me picking @KendalSheppard was confusing. What they didn’t show was 1) how close me and Kendal were at that time. 2) Kendal telling me if it was climbing or endurance, pick her. I love you @KendalSheppard for having my back. I owe you $500k,” Nehemiah tweeted with a hand to the face emoji.

nehemiah clark on the challenge all stars episode 7
Pic credit: @NehemiahMTV/Twitter

For reference, both Nehemiah and Kendal won on different seasons of The Challenge. Nehemiah won on The Gauntlet III season, while Kendal won on The Inferno. However, their combined winnings from The Challenge are $83,500, per The Challenge Wiki.

Kendal comments on her All Stars experience

Despite losing in Episode 7 ahead of TJ Lavin’s final, Kendal appears to be taking things in stride. She posted on her official Instagram to give her reaction to being on The Challenge: All Stars spinoff, and had good things to say about the experience.

“And that’s that! I went into the challenge very timid and feeling out of place. But.. this Challenge forced me out of my comfort zone, pushed me to fight through my anxiety, helped me face my fears of not being liked, allowed me the opportunity to discover some self confidence, and brought me a few incredible friends. I left a much richer person than when I arrived. And for that I am forever grateful,” the OG competitor wrote in her caption.

Kendal also encouraged everyone to treat others with the same kindness they showed her in their support of her during this All Stars season.

“You all gave me a chance.. please give your neighbors the same grace you’ve given me. Let’s help heal each other,” her caption included.

Two castmates who were a part of her story during the season popped into the Instagram post comments. They were none other than her elimination partners, Mark Long and Nehemiah Clark.

Earlier in the season, it appeared Mark and Kendal may not be getting along or be on the same page. Once they got into elimination, that changed as Kendal and The Godfather showed their abilities, defeating Latterian Wallace and Katie Cooley in Pull Me Over.

the challenge mark long comments to all stars castmate
Pic credit: @kendalsheppard/Instagram

In Nehemiah’s comment, he once again praised Kendal as he made a great friend from his appearance on All Stars. He also reiterated that he owes her a bit of money, this time adding on interest.

the challenge nehemiah clark comments to kendal sheppard
Pic credit: @kendalsheppard/Instagram

While $500,000 is a lot of money on the line for the 22 All Stars competitors, it seems the value of the new friendships and relationships they established during the season are worth a whole lot more.

The Challenge: All Stars episodes arrive Thursdays on Paramount+.

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