The Challenge: All Stars’ Katie Cooley apologizes for her since-deleted tweet on New Year’s Eve

katie cooley during the challenge all stars 2 eliminatinion
Katie Cooley in The Challenge: All Stars 2 season. Pic credit: Paramount+

Following some social media backlash for comments she made on New Year’s Eve, The Challenge: All Stars’ Katie Cooley apologized to fans about the “s***ty” remarks she made.

Those comments arrived as she mentioned how she made more money than the people she was criticizing, and it wasn’t even for winning on The Challenge: All Stars, but just for showing up.

With her apology, Katie also cleared up that she was calling out specific people and not everyone and that she would try to “be better” in the new year.

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The Challenge OG called out her Challenge critics

On New Year’s Eve, Katie Cooley fired off a heated message on Twitter in which she called out individuals criticizing her decision to quit during The Challenge: All Stars.

In All Stars 2, Episode 4, Katie opted not to participate in the daily challenge where contestants were harnessed and standing on a platform on the side of a tall building. This was due to her intense fear of heights, a theme in other episodes and seasons, including the first All Stars season.

Due to her quitting, she got automatically sent into the elimination and later lost to Ayanna Mackins. That ended Katie’s chances at winning any part of the $500,000 prize money for All Stars 2.

She’d been shown backing out or eliminating herself in other daily challenges that took place high above the water. That might have drawn criticism from some fans questioning why she was on the show if she would quit a daily event when another cast member may have competed in her place.

In her since-deleted tweet on New Year’s Eve (below), Katie called out those critics, telling them she and other castmates “get paid more than you make in a year just to show up.” She added that she still eats even if she is scared of a daily challenge and quits.

“Let me make something clear for all the f***s who can’t grasp the concept. We get paid more than you make in a year to just show up. So if I’m scared…and quit?! I still eat. Well,” Katie tweeted out on New Year’s Eve.

Pic credit: @KatieCooley26/Instagram

Unfortunately, many fans took exception to Katie’s choice of words, drawing some backlash for the above tweet, which Katie deleted. Some fans didn’t like how Katie expressed she makes more money than others. Other fans questioned why she would take away another OG’s spot to compete on All Stars.

However, Kate replied to one fan early on New Year’s Day who suggested she was taking away someone else’s spot who might try the daily challenge instead of quitting.

katie cooley tweet reply to fan about stealing og spot
Pic credit: @KatieCooley26/Twitter

Katie apologizes, castmate shows support

With New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, many people make resolutions to improve as they go forth. Katie may have done the same based on a recent tweet in which she apologized to fans for her New Year’s tweet.

“Sorry for my s****y tweet last night. It was in response to several s****y ones I received. Not ok, and I’m choosing to do and be better. Happy New Year!” Katie tweeted with a heart emoji.

the challenge star katie cooley apology tweet
Pic credit: @KatieCooley26/Twitter

Katie was a featured cast member in both All Stars seasons but didn’t reach the final in either of those attempts. Despite her failing to try and the elimination losses, her castmate on both shows, Laterrian Wallace, said he’d partner with Katie anytime.

LT’s remarks brought Katie to retweet them, calling him “the best!!”

laterrian wallace tweets support of katie cooley the challenge
Pic credit: @KatieCooley26/Twitter

Viewers saw LT step up to help out Katie in Season 1 when she needed a teammate for elimination in a tug-of-war style contest against Mark Long and Kendal Sheppard. Unfortunately, LT and Katie were on the losing side, but it seems LT will always have Katie’s back, and other OGs probably would too.

The Challenge: All Stars 2 episodes arrive Thursdays on Paramount Plus.

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