The Challenge: All Stars’ Jemmye Carroll reacts to friend’s ‘shady’ comment about castmate

the challenge all stars jemmye carroll during confessional interview for the final
The Challenge: All Stars’ Jemmye Carroll recently reacted to her friend’s comments about Beth Stolarczyk. Pic credit: Paramount+

A feud that has spanned years of The Challenge recently popped up again online, as former castmates commented back and forth about their issues with each other.

The two Challenge stars, Veronica Portillo and Beth Stolarczyk haven’t got along for a while now based on their previous history. However, as of this past year, they’ve become linked again due to a common friend they have, Jemmye Carroll.

Jemmye, who appeared on The Challenge: All Stars’ first-ever spinoff season on Paramount Plus, recently reacted to the online comments one of her friends made about the other online.

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Jemmye became friends with feuding castmates

Before her appearance on The Challenge: All Stars, the 32-year-old Jemmye Carroll was on seven seasons of MTV’s The Challenge, making the final once. Veronica Portillo, 43, has appeared on 11 regular seasons and won on three of them. 

As one might expect, they crossed paths several times on the show. In fact, they appeared on three straight seasons together with Dirty 30, Vendettas, and Final Reckoning. Over their appearances, they bonded, and that’s continued beyond The Challenge.

Meanwhile, Beth Stolarczyk revealed in an All Stars promotional video ahead of episodes being released that she was probably least excited to see Jemmye. They’d never met, and Beth referred to Jemmye’s “friends” who didn’t like her.

However, Jemmye and Beth got along surprisingly well when they met up and became good friends on All Stars. That has seemed to continue after filming.

Having feuding castmates as friends puts Jemmye in a tough spot, though, as Beth and Veronica recently called each other out in a war of words online. They were castmates back on Battle of the Seasons in 2002, as well as during Battle of the Sexes and The Inferno II. The two castmates have been unable to bury the hatchet years later, due to previous behavior and comments.

Jemmye calls out friends’ comment as ‘shady’

This past weekend, social media comments arrived where Veronica called out Beth in reply to Jemmye’s tweet about how certain men treat her on social media, referring to them body-shaming her. Veronica brought up how Jemmye’s “friend” [Beth] referred to her as “chubby” during an Instagram Live.

Beth found out about Veronica’s comment from a since-removed Challenge fan page’s Instagram post. That since-deleted IG post showed Jemmye’s original tweet and Veronica’s reply. It brought Beth into the IG post’s comments to call out Veronica’s behavior toward her and castmate Tonya Cooley in previous seasons of The Challenge.

A fan on Twitter recently asked Jemmye if Veronica is mad at her due to Jemmye and Beth getting along “for 2 weeks on a challenge.” Jemmye replied that she and Veronica “are always going to be good” despite the fact that “her comment was shady.”

“Her comment was shady but that’s my REAL LIFE sister & my forever friend so it’s all love. I was uncomfortable but not mad,” Jemmye shared.

However, Jemmye may have also set up a possible scenario for a future Challenge cast, too. She closed her tweet by suggesting that she, Beth, and Veronica need to “end up in a house together & see what goes down.”

jemmye carroll of the challenge all stars reacts to veronica tweet
Pic credit: @JustJem24/Twitter

The interesting part of Jemmye’s comment is that fully could happen if the powers that be in charge of casting future seasons of the All Stars spinoff decide to do so. Veronica’s resume seems to qualify her for that based on the numerous seasons she’s been on and wins.

Jemmye and Beth could very well be returning cast members based on popularity in the first season. So stay tuned to see if some future drama, or a truce, arrives on the spinoff.

The Challenge: All Stars episodes are currently available on Paramount Plus.

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