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The Challenge: All Stars’ Jemmye Carroll fires back at fan comment criticizing her effort during the final

the challenge all stars jemmye carroll during reunion
Jemmye Carroll during The Challenge: All Stars reunion episode. Pic credit: Paramount+

Among the 22 OG competitors on The Challenge: All Stars was Jemmye Carroll, who came to the spinoff show after last appearing on MTV’s regular season for Final Reckoning in 2018.

While she provided funny confessional moments, she also showed she was highly strategic in the overall game and a decent competitor in daily challenges. Jemmye survived the season without ever seeing an elimination and made it to TJ Lavin’s final.

During the final, she found herself in a tough spot along the way due to some of the tasks involved. That brought a fan out on Twitter to criticize Jemmye, who had commented about castmate Kendal Sheppard during the All Stars reunion.

The Challenge: All Stars reunion featured comments about Kendal

Kendal Sheppard wasn’t present for the All Stars reunion but was still amongst the early talking points during the episode. Host Maria Menounos brought up the infamous moment on the platform during the daily trivia challenge. That was where Kendal hopped to the wrong spot and didn’t drop into the water when she lost as other castmates did.

Jisela Delgado and Jemmye were vocal in their comments at the reunion about why they chose to send Kendal into elimination after that early mishap. Castmate KellyAnne Judd provided comments in defense of her friend, saying that she made a mistake and none of them knew her true intentions in the moment.

“My issue with Kendal is she’s a great competitor, right? My issue is she’s been watching the show for years. She’s been on a Twitter campaign to get back on the show. So then she comes back on the show, and she acts like she doesn’t know what to expect,” Jemmye commented during the reunion.

“And it’s like, ‘Girl, you’ve been watching the show. I see your tweets every week trying to get back on it. Now you’re here, and you’re acting like you don’t know where you are,’” Jemmye said.

The fact that Kendal wasn’t at the reunion to give her perspective or side of things didn’t sit well with many fans, who felt it was a major mistake not to have her there. Kendal didn’t appear in the final, but went 2-1 in eliminations and had several daily challenge wins during the All Stars season, making her one of the key competitors on the show.

Jemmye fires back at fan about All Stars final performance

Following the release of the All Stars reunion episode on Thursday, June 3, fans expressed their comments on social media, with a few getting Jemmye’s attention on Twitter. One of them called out her “endurance” in the All Stars final, to which The Challenge star replied.

“@JustJem24 so you give Kendal s**t for watching the show for years and not knowing what’s expected of her, but haven’t you watched the show for years? Don’t know you need some endurance in the final? #AppearanceFeeWarrior,” a fan tweeted.

While part of the footage showed Jemmye sitting on the ground when partnered with Mark Long for a stretch of the final, she pointed out that wasn’t an “endurance” issue.

“Did we watch the same final? Endurance was never the issue for me. It was eating… the peppers made me sick & I don’t eat meat in real life so that proceeded to make me even more sick .. Y’all constantly come on this app and try to come for me and miss every single time,” Jemmye replied in her tweet.

A fan account about The Challenge on Instagram captured a screenshot of the fan’s since-deleted comment along with Jemmye’s Twitter response (below).

challenge fan account on instagram shows jemmye carroll tweet reply
Pic credit: @mtvthechallenge/Instagram

Jemmye had a great point in her response, and the fan may have landed a stronger original remark if they’d mentioned she should have known eating would be part of the final. That said, it seems she and Double Agents star Fessy Shafaat may have a lot in common when it comes to competing in the final, as neither appears to be ready for that one crucial part of the competition.

The Challenge: All Stars episodes are currently available on Paramount Plus.

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