The Challenge: All Stars Episode 8 footage shows part of TJ’s final, potential teammate format

mark long during the challenge all stars episode 8
The Challenge competitor Mark Long during one part of the All-Stars final Pic credit: Paramount+

Footage has arrived ahead of The Challenge: All Stars Episode 8, as TJ Lavin’s final will begin in Argentina. By the time it has concluded, one worthy competitor will have won $500,000.

The final looks to be just as intense as those on MTV’s regular seasons of The Challenge, based on previews including the new recently-released footage.

That footage may also hint at which competitors will be working together for a part of, or the majority of the final, setting up some interesting situations.

The Challenge: All Stars Episode 8 features start of final

On Wednesday, MTV released some sneak peek footage from the upcoming All Stars episode, which reveals competitors racing through the water in Argentina. They’ll be paddling in teams of two, similar to what was seen at the Double Agents final.

One team features the duo of Aneesa Ferreira and Alton Williams working together. Aneesa’s Double Agents co-star, Darrell Taylor, is paired with Jonna Mannion and praising her strong effort. Another one has Jisela Delgado working with Derrick Kosinsky. Yes Duffy and Jemmye Carroll were also teamed up. That leaves Mark Long, Ruthie Alcaide, Eric “Big Easy” Banks, and KellyAnne Judd on the other two teams.

Based on the footage, Alton and Aneesa may have a lead as the veteran competitor Aneesa is doing lots of instructing to make sure her teammate gets things moving along.

For Aneesa, this may be a spinoff season, but competing in the All Stars final is a huge deal, as she generally has found herself going home just before she can reach that part of The Challenge. She’s appeared in 14 regular seasons and been to two finals, but never won The Challenge.

What will TJ’s All Stars final include?

The preview footage indicates that competitors will work in pairs, at least for this leg or stretch of TJ’s final. Footage from the All Stars midseason trailer seemed to show that there will be more area to travel by foot for the individual competitors, and Fessy’s favorite task: eating disgusting foods at a checkpoint.

The competitors may begin in pairs, and the worst-performing duo will be eliminated after part of the final. That could mean whoever finishes last in the water race or whoever’s last in a different mission. The Double Agents final went through about three or four checkpoints before a team was officially eliminated of the four original teams.

There are a total of 12 competitors for the All Stars final. They could start in teams of three or four ahead of that race in the water. Preview footage has also shown Darrell carrying Ruthie as he hikes, so it seems they will switch partners throughout the final.

Most likely, it’s going to become individual at some point for the competitors since there’s only one winner for the $500,000. It’s unknown if that means they’ll continue working as pairs right until a final leg when they compete alone. Or, possibly their overall scores and times will be used to figure out the winner.

With the Double Agents final, the competitors earned different advantages or perks by winning checkpoints. That could be a possibility on All Stars as well. Based on the footage shown after All Stars Episode 7, the final will include racing on foot, biking, puzzles, and several competitors struggling. Will there be medical disqualifications?

One thing’s for sure; this will toss all the OG fun out the window and thrust the competitors into the spirit of grinding through a TJ final to try to claim that big prize money.

Episode 8 will mark the first part of The Challenge: All Stars final and arrives on Thursday, May 20. The second part of the final, which will feature a winner, arrives in Episode 9 on Thursday, May 27.

The Challenge: All Stars episodes arrive Thursdays on Paramount Plus.

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