The Challenge: All Stars competitor shared details about footage that wasn’t shown for Episode 6 elimination

tj lavin during the challenge all stars episode 6
TJ Lavin during The Challenge: All Stars Episode 6 elimination. Pic credit: Paramount+

In The Challenge: All Stars Episode 6, the full story of the elimination wasn’t all shown or told during the released episode, likely due to time constraints.

Based on what a competitor shared about the event, it was a much more grueling competition and involved more rounds than what viewers saw in the final cut.

Keep in mind spoilers may follow with this report, including the winning and losing competitors in the All Stars elimination for Episode 6.

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What happened with the All Stars Episode 6 elimination?

At the end of each episode of The Challenge: All Stars, viewers see an elimination take place. It was just a one-on-one situation in the first handful of episodes with either a male or female elimination.

In the past few episodes, host TJ Lavin introduced the twist where it was a double-elimination event.

The worst-performing male and female competitors, or the male and female captains from the losing team in the daily challenge, automatically went into elimination. They typically would face a competitor voted into elimination through a deliberation meeting.

In All Stars Episode 6, it was a female elimination, and Katie Cooley volunteered herself to go in due to not attempting the daily challenge. At The Arena elimination, she had to choose a male castmate as her teammate to go against the opposing team, Mark Long and Kendall Sheppard.

She chose Laterrian Wallace, as he’d spoken with her earlier in the episode, and offered to help her out if she needed someone.

There was a running joke in the episode that male cast members were going up to Katie at the restaurant bar after the daily challenge and giving reasons not to pick them. However, Laterrian said he wasn’t afraid to go in and help her.

The elimination event was Pull Me Over. It involved competitors standing on stumps across from their opponents. Each male competitor had one end of a 200-foot heavy rope. The same was true for the female competitors.

When TJ sounded the horn, they pulled on their ends of the rope. Ultimately, the objective was to win a tug-of-war battle by causing your opponent to fall off their stump or drop their end of the rope.

the challenge all stars episode 6 elimination pull me over
The Challenge: All Stars Episode 6 elimination was Pull Me Over. Pic credit: Paramount+

Based on the footage shown, it was a pretty close battle that saw Mark and Kendal prevail after several grueling rounds. That brought Katie and Laterrian’s time to an end on the All Stars season, while Mark and Kendal remained in the game, still around to compete for the $500,000 prize.

That said, there was a bit more to what went down at The Arena then was shown during Episode 6, telling a story of how much the competitors went through.

Competitor says elimination footage cut, didn’t show three wins

This past weekend, Laterrian appeared on an Instagram Live session with his castmate Syrus Yarbrough. The two OGs spoke about the show, including the recent episode. Syrus praised Laterrian and said he had to be tired because the elimination looked “crazy.”

That’s when Laterrian revealed some interesting details, as he showed displeasure with the footage that wasn’t shown. At the very least, the episode didn’t tell the full story with what viewers saw.

“Hey man, you know how they cut s**t? They didn’t even like give us the full time, like I actually beat Mark like three times in a row,” Laterrian shared at around the 7:30 mark (below).

It surprised Syrus to hear that about the elimination and asked his castmate to explain what he meant.

“So we’re partners and your partner has to win and you have to win at the same time. In the very first one, I actually lost. I didn’t understand the game, and I tugged and fell off. But after that, I beat Mark three times in a row,” Laterrian revealed.

Basically, the event featured rounds. If both teammates won that round, they scored a point. The first team to reach two points won it.

“Like I know I lost like the whole thing, but like give me my just due,” Laterrian said.

Laterrian may not have won that elimination, but he crushed it with his first All Stars elimination, a Pole Wrestle against Ace Amerson. In addition, he was the winner in a daily challenge where competitors ended up working alone at the end and had to run to a finish line carrying a log.

So despite not winning the Episode 6 elimination, he certainly won over plenty of fans based on his courage to compete and willingness to help Katie when called upon.

The Challenge: All Stars episodes arrive Thursdays on Paramount Plus.

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