The Challenge: All Stars competitor reacts to Episode 7 with series of tweets about castmate: ‘Wipe the alligator tears’

the challenge all stars cast during episode 7 challenge
Competitors at the daily mission during The Challenge: All Stars Episode 7. Pic credit: Paramount+

Since The Challenge: All Stars Episode 7 arrived online, viewers and cast members have been able to see all the fun, competition, and drama that went down ahead of TJ’s final.

That included two castmates who may have ended their friendship over a bold move one of them made in the game. While there were comments in the episode itself, more comments have arrived online.

One of the two competitors has since posted many tweets reacting to the episode, including several posts that address the situation with her castmate.

Did a friendship end in The Challenge: All Stars Episode 7?

The OG spinoff season has reunited many former castmates and friends from seasons past of MTV’s The Challenge, or their original reality shows. It’s also helped create new friendships or bonds along the way.

That said, several incidents involved drama amongst castmates, and even friends, during the All Stars season. That included an early blowup involving Trishelle Cannatella and Katie Cooley, two former friends outside the show.

Early in All Stars Episode 7, Jisela Delgado and Aneesa Ferreira had a spotlight on their friendship. Apparently, the two originally met on Battle of the Sexes and continued a friendship outside of the show that grew strong over the years. They mentioned Facetiming and messaging each other often, before going on All Stars.

During the episode, viewers saw Jisela become upset with Aneesa’s vote at deliberation. Basically, Jisela and Eric “Big Easy” Banks were already going into elimination as they performed worst in the daily challenge. Ahead of the deliberation, Jisela suggested to Aneesa and other castmates that everyone needed to vote for a male competitor that hadn’t been in the elimination yet.

However, at deliberation, many cast members were doing what they thought was best. It came down to Yes Duffy vs. Nehemiah Clark in the votes. Yes’ deliberation speech ended up saving him, as Aneesa held the deciding vote in a 3-3 tie and chose Nehemiah to go into elimination.

Things got dramatic during the cast’s night out, with Jisela and Aneesa getting into an argument over what Aneesa did. Jisela accused Aneesa of stabbing her in the back and said this is what Aneesa always does on her seasons of MTV’s show. Some of their argument is shown around the 0:16 mark of the mid-season trailer (below).

On The Challenge Aftermath show, Jisela further explained what she meant. She said Aneesa tends to have a “storyline” on her seasons of The Challenge where she’s “best friends” with a castmate and then stabs them in the back or burns them late in the game for her own benefit.

Jisela revealed she had a conversation with Aneesa about not making her a storyline like that during the All Stars season. On the Aftermath show, Jisela said Aneesa told her to her face she was voting for Yes to go into elimination, and then voted differently, causing the issues.

That led to the friendship seemingly coming to an end during the episode, and based on Jisela’s tweets they may not have patched anything up yet.

All Stars competitor tweets reactions about castmate in Episode 7

It seems that Jisela Delgado was able to watch the final cut of Episode 7 on Paramount Plus, and gave her thoughts on what happened throughout the episode. Her Twitter posts on May 13 even included a few messages that clearly seem directed at “former friend” Aneesa.

One tweet simply said “Girl bye,” and included the hashtag “#fakefriend” which seemed to refer to Jisela saying she was done being Aneesa’s friend during the episode.

jisela delgado tweets about all stars episode 7 aneesa
Pic credit: @JiselaDelgado/Twitter

In another tweet, Jisela addressed part of the episode where Aneesa said in her confessional she wasn’t there to “coddle a grown a** woman” during the competition. Aneesa said she was there to win $500,000 in the game.

“Who are you coddling? All you had to be was honest!!” Jisela tweeted, possibly as she saw that confessional from Episode 7.

jisela delgado reacts to aneesa from all stars episode 7
Pic credit: @JiselaDelgado/Twitter

In one segment of the episode, footage showed Aneesa becoming emotional while talking to several castmates in a bedroom at The Challenge house. She expressed being upset about several things including her situation with Jisela and possibly going into elimination later on.

Jisela seemed to react to that specific segment with one of her tweets calling out Aneesa.

“Wipe the alligator tears Annessa we aren’t the 20 year old rookies you usually play with,” Jisela tweeted, referring to Aneesa’s recent MTV seasons of The Challenge.

the challenge star aneesa delgado tweets about all stars episode 7
Pic credit: @JiselaDelgado/Twitter

In another part of All Stars Episode 7, viewers saw Aneesa talking about what would happen if the male competitor voted into elimination chose her as his partner. She basically put them all on notice that this always happens to her where she’s eliminated right before the final.

Aneesa informed castmates she wouldn’t bother trying if they picked her for the elimination. In confessional, she said if the competitor voted in chose her, she’d do “sand angels” instead of competing.

Jisela wasn’t buying that based on her reaction tweet about the episode, claiming Aneesa “would not throw an elimination.”

“You’re too thirsty for a win baby girl,” Jisela said in her tweet about Episode 7.

jisela delgado reacts to aneesa ferreira from all stars episode 7
Pic credit: @JiselaDelgado/Twitter

As of this report, it doesn’t appear that Aneesa has responded to what happened in All Stars Episode 7, nor has she replied to Jisela’s recent tweets. Aneesa currently hosts MTV’s Official Challenge podcast, where she and co-host Tori Deal will be breaking down All Stars episodes. Their most recent podcast on May 13 reviewed Episode 1 of the spinoff with Mark Long.

So fans may need to wait until The Challenge: All Stars reunion in several weeks to get more from Aneesa and Jisela about this situation.

The Challenge: All Stars episodes arrive Thursdays on Paramount Plus.

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