The Challenge: All Stars cast reacts to Episode 8, competing in first part of final

the challenge all stars cast members during episode 8 with the final
The Challenge: All Stars competitors arrive at TJ’s final in Argentina. Pic credit: Paramount+

With The Challenge: All Stars finals getting started in Episode 8, it thrust the competitors into a multi-day series of tasks they had to complete across various terrain.

Of course those tasks, weren’t just about running, walking, biking, or paddling, but also about mental abilities and a good bit of intestinal fortitude. That’s right, the All Stars final was no joke, and it’s only halfway finished.

The cast members are getting their opportunity to watch the footage back and are reminiscing about what went down as they embarked on their epic All Stars adventure.

Keep in mind, spoilers follow for any viewers who have yet to see up through Episode 8 of The Challenge: All Stars.

Mark Long, Jonna Mannion react to competing in final

By the end of All Stars Episode 7, there were 12 competitors left out of the original 22 OGs. Host TJ Lavin let those competitors know they were all headed to the final in Argentina.

That included at least one first-time final competitor. Jonna Mannion, who appeared in five seasons of The Challenge, never made it into a final. With the spinoff, she’s officially reached one.

After the new episode released on Paramount Plus, Jonna took to Instagram to express her excitement over that accomplishment. She shared a picture of herself paddling a canoe with Darrell in one of the early parts of the final.

“I FINALLY MADE IT TO THE FINAL! If you haven’t seen it yet go get yourself the free trial of @paramountplus and binge watch the episodes!! I promise you won’t be disappointed,” Jonna posted as her caption, including a hashtag “#firstfinal.”

While Jonna was appearing in her first ever final during her career, The Godfather Mark Long has competed in four and was amongst winners in two of them.

Mark won his first two seasons with The Real World/Road Rules Challenge in 1999 and Battle of the Sexes in 2003.

He also posted on Instagram to remind fans about the new episode featuring the final. In addition, Mark praised his partner for the canoe part of the final, Ruthie Alcaide, saying they “dug deep and smiled the entire time of this leg of the race.”

He shared other photos of him and Ruthie paddling, and he and Aneesa Ferreira as teammates on bikes. Mark commented on fellow finalists Yes Duffy and KellyAnne Judd, as he included a photo in which they appear to have shared a group hug.

“Although @yesoneverything @kellyannejudd and myself were all battling each other, the photo of us together shows what this season is all about- friendship and support,” Mark wrote in his caption.

Derrick Kosinski, Big Easy also hyped for final

Just a day before All Stars Episode 8 dropped, five-time finalist and three-time Challenge winner Derrick Kosinski posted to get fans hyped for the start of the journey.

“There’s only 1 thing left to do! Win a gd @challengemtv championship @paramountplus! The Final Starts TOMORROW! Get ready for Pandemonium in Patagonia!” Derrick wrote in a caption of his arrival off the bus for the start of the season.

In the first parts of the final, viewers saw Derrick and his teammate Jisela Delgado finish last place in the canoe race portion of the final. Based on TJ’s rules earlier, it meant it would eliminate them from the running.

That said, Derrick expressed how much he is craving the competition and wants to be in an elimination, so it seems probable he’ll be back on a Challenge again.

Eric “Big Easy” Banks was also amongst the featured competitors for TJ’s final in Argentina. He started things out with a bit of a struggle over a puzzle at the first leg of the final, as KellyAnne Judd impatiently waited for him near a canoe so they could take off.

Footage showed Big Easy giving each of his teammates he was paired with during the final plenty of encouragement and support. In an Instagram post he shared of them paddling, he praised KellyAnne as his first partner.

“Leaving that ⛽️ in the tank is always key! ? Couldn’t have ask for a better 1st leg partner w/ @kellyannejudd | we stayed the course and survived! @challengemtv All-Stars Final 1 of 2 streaming now on @paramountplus #thechallengeallstars,” Big Easy wrote in his caption.

It’s clear the All Stars competitors were giving it their all as they began TJ’s final in Argentina. With big money on the line, they truly had to dig deep, including stomaching a few of those Carolina Reaper peppers along the way.

However, they didn’t forget to show praise and love to their partners and opponents.

Part 2 of The Challenge: All Stars final will officially arrive on Thursday, May 27 on Paramount Plus with one individual crowned champion and winning $500,000.

The Challenge: All Stars episodes arrive Thursdays on Paramount Plus.

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