The Challenge: All Stars cast members reveal who they were most and least excited to see on spinoff show

the challenge all stars cast promotional video
The Challenge: All Stars cast shared who they were most and least excited to see on the show. Pic credit: MTV’s The Challenge/YouTube

As The Challenge: All Stars will reunite 22 cast members from previous seasons of MTV’s competitive reality series, many of them were excited to get back together with friends and allies from the past.

However, there were also some All Stars cast members that certain competitors weren’t as excited to see as part of the OG spinoff season.

In a recent promotional video, members of The Challenge: All Stars cast dish on who they were most and least excited to see when it comes to the highly-anticipated season.

The Challenge: All Stars cast video arrives online

While fans have seen full-length trailers and teaser ads for All Stars, there weren’t many talking segments featuring the cast members. Now, the first one has arrived courtesy of MTV’s social media.

On Tuesday (March 30), MTV debuted a promotional video that runs over three minutes and presents many of the cast members sharing who they are excited to see from the OGs.

For example, Kellyanne Judd is excited to meet Trishelle Cannatella and see her friend Katie Doyle. Darrell Taylor is also excited to see Katie, who he considers like a “little sister.” Katie says she’s “like friends with everyone.”

Derrick Kosinski wants to link up with former castmates Darrell and Mark Long to see “if the triangle offense still works.” Ace Amerson also is excited to see his close friend Mark, as well as Alton Williams.

Former Challenge winner Kendal Sheppard brings up her excitement over reuniting with Darrell Taylor, her castmate on the Campus Crawl season of Road Rules. Arissa Hill also brings up that she and Kendal became close ahead of the All Stars season.

Jisela Delgado and Aneesa Ferreira both mention being excited to see one another. In particular, Jisela says they talk often but don’t always get to hang out.

While there’s plenty of positive mentions in the video, a few cast members also reveal who they’re least excited to see. Ace feels Aneesa always cheers against him. Kendal says she and Eric “Big Easy” Banks didn’t understand one another, while Jisela mentions that she and Ace “didn’t vibe” before.

Beth is least excited to see Jemmye Carroll because Jemmy is friends with people who don’t like her. Based on Trishelle Cannatella’s recent podcast comments, Beth will deliver this season, so it’ll be interesting to see if Beth and Jemmye go at it.

All Stars spinoff will bring the drama for viewers

During that podcast interview, Trishelle also mentioned that The Challenge: All Stars may have more drama than the show’s regular seasons. Trishelle even mentioned that going into this show, she thought things might be more mature and laid back, but it wasn’t the case. The stressful nature of the game still plays a factor all these years later.

In the full-length All Stars trailer, there was a particular scene involving Trishelle and Katie. The two appeared to be in a tense argument or discussion, with Katie saying, “15 years ago we’re talking about. Let it go.”

In the promotional video above, Trishelle speaks about her and Katie’s friendship beyond The Challenge.

“She was my friend outside of the house. I was a bridesmaid at her wedding. She was a bridesmaid at mine. We used to live together, so I feel like this is gonna be like a fun sleepover situation,” Trishelle said.

With the above cast interviews probably filmed ahead of The Challenge: All Stars filming, then it appears it may not be the “fun sleepover situation” Trishelle thought it would be. Bring on the drama!

The Challenge: All Stars premieres on Thursday, April 1 on Paramount Plus.

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