The Challenge: All Stars trailer arrives with premiere date for OG spinoff season

competitors shown from the challenge all stars season
Competitors shown from The Challenge: All Stars spinoff season coming April 1. Pic credit: Paramount+

Fans won’t have to wait too long to see The Challenge spinoff season featuring OG cast members competing for big prize money. An official trailer and premiere date have arrived.

Mark Long, one of the driving forces behind The Challenge: All Stars, was among those who unveiled the trailer on social media on Tuesday, as did the show’s host network.

Based on the details revealed, the All Stars season should premiere during, or soon after, the conclusion of The Challenge: Double Agents season.

The Challenge: All Stars trailer debuts online

If viewers thought some of the missions on Double Agents were wild, it appears they won’t be any tamer on The Challenge: All Stars. The official trailer opens with an action shot of competitors dangling alongside a moving truck, bringing back memories of Operation Road Kill from Season 36.

Aneesa Ferreira, one of the stars of the Double Agents season, is the first competitor shown in the trailer, as she’ll be amongst the 22 members of the OGs cast. Her castmate, Darrell Taylor is also part of the All Stars competitors.

“Each of you are some of the greatest All Stars to ever set foot on The Challenge field,” says the familiar voice of Challenge host TJ Lavin.

“You were all put together for one ultimate battle — to see who is the greatest of all-time,” Lavin says as he’s finally shown on screen. The full cast of competitors also appears standing in front of the Challenge sign, which should bring plenty of fan appreciation.

The All Stars cast members include Mark Long, Syrus Yarbrough, Mark Long, Derrick Kosinski, Trishelle Cannatella, Ruthie Alcaide, Beth Stolarczyk, Katie Doyle, and Jonna Mannion, among others.

“Let’s show them how the OGs party!” Long yells as he makes a toast with castmates in the trailer. It appears competitors will get to enjoy themselves here or there, but there will be prize money on the line.

Long shared the trailer on his official Twitter account with a special message for friends, fans, and colleagues.

“In my 25+ years in Reality Television…this is my finest hour!” Long said in part of his caption.

“#RETWEET and let’s BREAK THE INTERNET @WeWantOGs,” Long requested of all friends and fans.

All Stars season to feature blood, drama, hookups

The Challenge: All Stars trailer looks like it has more of what fans of MTV’s reality competition series have come to enjoy over many seasons. Not only are there intense challenges and eliminations, but potential injuries, castmate feuds, and even some hooking up.

In one scene, a competitor with a bloody face is being assisted up from the water area by two castmates. Another scene shows Eric “Big Easy” Banks asking for his turn to speak, potentially during a house vote meeting.

The trailer also reveals Trishelle and Katie engaged in an argument, with Katie mentioning it was “18 years ago, let it go.” In another scene, Jemmye Carroll is in bed cuddling up with one of her All Stars castmates.

All Stars will get discussed on MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast and have an Aftermath show based on recent online information. While they will have the same hosts as Double Agents season, Jemmye indicated she would spill tea as well.

For fans wondering when to set reminders to watch All Stars, the official premiere date is slated for April 1. The Paramount Plus streaming platform will carry the series. More details on how to sign up for a subscription are available on the official website.

The Challenge: All-Stars premieres on April 1 on Paramount+.

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