The Challenge star admits ‘I feel completely alone’ in Votes Declassified for Double Agents Episode 13

the challenge competitors in double agents episode 13 deliberation
Competitors talk at a deliberation meeting before their secret vote in Double Agents Episode 13. Pic credit: MTV

A new Votes Declassified video has arrived for The Challenge: Double Agents 13, and shows that the majority of the house voted to make sure a certain team got to go into elimination.

However, while most teams voted the same way, a few players went against the grain, mostly in case TJ Lavin decided to flip things upside down on them again.

Along with that, at least one competitor believes they no longer have anyone else on their side in the house, which could be a major problem for them in the upcoming episodes.

Votes Declassified for The Challenge: Double Agents Episode 13

During each week’s episode of The Challenge: Double Agents, viewers typically watch a house deliberation meeting and then see players casting their votes for who will go into elimination.

With Double Agents Episode 13, things were pretty clear-cut at the deliberation meeting. Nany Gonzalez spoke up, saying that she and Gabby Allen wanted to go into elimination since there was one Gold Skull left, and neither had one.

The other players were on board for voting for Gabby Allen and Cory Wharton to go into elimination. That left it up to the Double Agents power team of Kaycee Clark and Leroy Garrett to send in Nany and her partner, Kyle Christie.

Everything worked out as planned, as most of the house voted for Gabby and Cory. In the video below, Kam Williams and her partner Chris “CT” Tamburello were the only ones not to vote that way. Kam explained it was just in case there was another Security Breach.

As viewers recall, the previous episode saw the two teams with the most votes go into elimination at The Crater, creating a double men’s elimination. Basically, Kam was making sure Nany got to go into elimination no matter what.

One competitor is now ‘alone’ in the game

During the Votes Declassified, Kyle Christie had some interesting comments, claiming the person he was voting for was one of the last people on his side in the house.

“Gabby has asked me and I’ve been cool with her all game, and she’s one of the only alliance members I’ve got left in this house,” Kyle said.

“I don’t feel like I’ve got anyone. I feel completely alone,” Kyle admitted during his secrete vote, suggesting he’s got no allies in the game.

Kyle was partners with Killa Kam throughout a good portion of the season, forming the Killas team. However, CT stole Kam away as his new partner after winning in elimination a few episodes ago. Kyle decided to take Nany back as his partner, but unfortunately, she won the elimination against Gabby and then opted to steal Fessy Shafaat.

Heading into Double Agents Episode 14, Kyle is now teamed up with Aneesa Ferreira, someone he seemed on opposites sides of the game with earlier this season. The episode’s plot synopsis mentions rivals working as partners, which could refer to Aneesa and Kyle.

During the season, it appeared Kyle was working with Devin Walker, and possibly CT for a bit. However, Kyle was a bit upset with CT for taking Kam as his partner. During deliberation, Kyle joked that CT would be a good partner for Nany if she won in elimination.

Based on the Episode 14 trailer, Kyle will talk with Leroy Garrett in an attempt to get farther in the game. So it appears Kyle may be scrambling to find a way to keep himself and his Gold Skull safe as Double Agents heads towards the final.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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