The Challenge Season 36, Episode 14 to feature rivals as partners, spotlight on the ‘Cory Curse’

cory wharton on the challenge double agents season
The Cory Curse hasn’t been kind to female competitors on The Challenge: Double Agents. Pic credit: MTV

With The Challenge Season 36, Episode 14, viewers will see some interesting developments as teams head towards TJ Lavin’s finale in Iceland.

Based on the upcoming synopsis, two rivals will try to work together as partners in the game. Cory Wharton and his new partner may also be part of the bigger story, as the dreaded “Cory Curse” is back under the spotlight.

Here’s what to expect based on the plot synopsis for The Challenge: Double Agents’ episode coming to MTV on Wednesday, March 17.

The Challenge Season 36, Episode 14 plot synopsis arrives

The Challenge: Double Agents seems like it has only a handful of episodes left to lead into the Season 36 conclusion. That typically includes one or two episodes showcasing the finale, and then a reunion.

Episode 14 of Double Agents will be called The Best of Enemies and will focus on two rivals working as partners. That partnership has them questioning if they’ll be able to work effectively together for the rest of the game.

It doesn’t say who that refers to, but new teams were formed at the end of Double Agents Episode 13. After Nany Gonzalez defeated rookie Gabby Allen in elimination, she decided to steal Fessy Shafaat from Aneesa Ferreira as her new partner.

Aneesa had to pick her new partner from Kyle Christie or Cory. She became partners with Kyle, much to his dissatisfaction. That could be what the plot synopsis (below) refers to, as Kyle and Aneesa weren’t necessarily working together much in the game. There’s also the added tidbit that not many competitors seem to want to be Aneesa’s partner for a final.

Can Big T survive the Cory Curse on Double Agents?

Episode 13 saw Cory Wharton lose yet another partner during the Double Agents season, furthering the Cory Curse as part of his recent Challenge history.

The various female competitors that Cory teamed up with this season have suffered bad luck, ultimately getting sent home. That included Ashley Mitchell, Tori Deal, Theresa Jones, Amber M, and Gabby Allen. His newest partner is Tula “Big T” Fazakerley, who teamed up with him by default due to her being the Rogue Agent.

Big T has become a fan favorite during her latest appearance on The Challenge and proved herself in several of the daily missions. However, her former teammate Chris “CT” Tamburello decided he wanted to trade for someone he believed was a better teammate for the final. CT chose Kam Williams. Now Big T is hoping she’s immune to the Cory Curse.

As of Episode 13, all 10 of the available Gold Skulls now have owners. That leaves Cory and Big T as the only competitors without their Skulls, which means they wouldn’t qualify for TJ’s final.

Based on the synopsis, there could be another twist on the way since it mentions Cory’s curse, and last week was a female elimination event.

It’s unknown how eliminations will work, but unless Cory and Big T win the daily mission, they could have a tough time getting their Gold Skulls. Luckily, Cory seems to have some friendships in the house with Fessy Shafaat and others who could help him out.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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