Gabby Allen from The Challenge comments on seeing Fessy Shafaat after Double Agents, returning to compete

gabby allen in the challenge double agents final words
Double Agents rookie Gabby Allen suggested she would see Fessy Shafaat, but maybe not right away. Pic credit: MTV

One of the promising rookie competitors on The Challenge: Double Agents was Gabby Allen, who originally appeared on Love Island UK 3, and quickly became a favorite for many fans on MTV’s reality competition show.

In several episodes, Gabby was featured getting to know castmate Fessy Shafaat, with the two shown kissing and cuddling in a few later episodes. As viewers who have watched all season know, that ended in Episode 13.

That said, Gabby’s The Challenge exit interview included comments from the rookie star about her possible future with the show, and of course, potential plans on seeing her castmate.

Gabby Allen’s The Challenge Final Worlds includes Fessy mention

The title of Double Agents Episode 13 was appropriately named after a famous James Bond movie, The Spy Who Loved Me. However, MTV called their episode, The Spy Who Loved Fessy, to point towards rookie Gabby Allen.

The episode included Gabby and Fessy getting to know each other a bit and cuddling in a top bunk bed. However, their time getting to know each other was cut short, as Gabby got voted into elimination and ultimately was sent home by Nany Gonzalez.

Following the elimination loss, she yelled up to everyone to give her goodbye and suggested she’d see Fessy after the final. However, in her The Challenge Final Words video, she commented a bit differently about that.

“Everybody has played a part in my journey here and I’m so grateful for each and every one of them. Some people more than others,” Gabby commented.

“If I would’ve won, I would’ve picked Fessy. That would’ve been a nice ending to what had just begun, but I’m sure I’ll see him on the outside at some point or maybe on another Challenge,” she added.

“I’ve had the best time and I feel like I’ve learned so much about myself. I’ve had the most amazing time and hopefully The Challenge has me back,” Gabby said, while fighting off tears.

Gabby joked she needs to work on her jump takeoff a bit more and also wrestling or grappling as she wasn’t prepared for that particular elimination. However, she was a strong competitor amongst the new rookies, and was likable, so she seems to have a good chance to return.

Did Gabby and Fessy date after Double Agents?

During Episode 13, not only was Fessy focused on getting to know Gabby, but he talked more about castmate Tori Deal. Cory Wharton and Fessy discussed the eliminated Double Agents competitor with Fessy admitting there was some attraction still lingering.

Fessy also spoke about his dilemma with the two females in a confessional interview. He called it a “very complex situation” he’d need to sort out after Double Agents filming ended. However, Gabby was likely not aware of Fessy’s comments during the episode while getting to know him.

Meanwhile, Tori Deal addressed Fessy rumors, saying that they “linked up” after she and Jordan Wiseley broke up. She also clarified that this happened a bit of time after Double Agents ended. Tori revealed that she and Fessy discovered they were better off as friends and said things are “platonic” between them now.

As far as Gabby and Fessy dating, it seems they haven’t. Back in September 2020, Daily Mail UK indicated that Gabby was dating Brandon Meyers, and it seems they may still be dating after Gabby’s time on Double Agents.

He gushed about Gabby in a February 6 Instagram post for her birthday, calling her the “best thing that’s every happened” to him.

Gabby regularly posts on Instagram, including the February 16 series (below) that showed her and Brandon on a date. Some commenters labeled him as her “boyfriend.”

In a February 21 post, Brandon is also with Gabby for a workout video, so it’s possible she wasn’t too worried about seeing Fessy after The Challenge, or something else happened that hasn’t been talked about yet.

That said, Tori, Gabby, and Fessy are all rumored to be part of The Challenge: Double Agents reunion, so details on what happened after filming ended could come up during a reunion episode.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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