The Challenge: All Stars 3, Episode 8 recap: TJ’s final gets closer as The Arena brings epic event

tj lavin speaks to the challenge all stars 3 cast
TJ Lavin talks with The Challenge: All Stars 3 cast in Episode 8. Pic credit: Paramount+

As Episode 8 of All Stars 3 opened, the cast arrived to the house celebrating Mark Long, and Jonna Mannion’s elimination wins. Derrick and Mark conversed about their “magical season” and suggested they could go another ten years. Mark and Derrick also have four stars each.

Nia Moore spoke with Nehemiah Clark about not having the faith and confidence to keep competing in the game without Jordan Wiseley. Nia said she used to hate Jordan and used to “pray that he would die.” Now there’s no more hate.

Nia said in a confessional her why for being at All Stars 3 is now gone. Nehemiah spoke to her about living in a state without many friends or family around. In confessional, he said he wanted to help her find her own why.

OG sent home before Flight Pattern challenge

Before TJ Lavin introduced the next event, he asked Veronica Portillo about her foot. She said she missed a few stairs in the house and tripped, resulting in a banged-up and bruised toe.

Unfortunately, TJ revealed the specialists said her toe’s broken, so Veronica could no longer compete for the season. He told her they couldn’t risk having her competing on a broken toe but would love to have her back again. The cast expressed their disappointment as they hugged her before she exited. She was super frustrated in her confessional.

The Flight Pattern daily challenge involved a colored pattern floating out in a lagoon. The only way to see it was from a helicopter flying over the lagoon with a bird’s eye view. They’ll go in heats of two in the copter over the water.

They had a short window of time to memorize the puzzle before flying over a drop zone, where they’d drop into the water, swim to the puzzle station, and recreate the pattern in order.

The man and woman that completed the daily challenge quickest formed The Authority and were safe from elimination. TJ told the women that whoever won would also get Veronica’s star.

kailah and derrick in the challenge all stars 3 episode 8
Kailah Casillas and Derrick Kosinski in The Challenge: All Stars 3, Episode 8. Pic credit: Paramount+

Mark and KellyAnne Judd went first, with both completing the puzzle before time expired. Derrick and Kailah Casillas were next, but Kailah said she was not good with memorization. She didn’t get her puzzle right. In confessional, KellyAnne remarked she could tell Kailah’s scared now.

Wes said in confessional that the final was so close he could smell it. He doesn’t need the prize money but wants the trophy for winning. Jonna dropped far away from the puzzle platform in the water, so she had a long time swimming. Wes finished his puzzle before Jonna got to her station. She completed the puzzle, though.

Nia was scared to do the helicopter drop, but Brad Fiorenza comforted her and suggested she might look back later and regret not doing it. Once they got up there, Nia was freaking out and couldn’t do it. She broke down in tears in the helicopter as Brad jumped and went for the puzzle station.

In the end, TJ said only Mark and Derrick got the pattern done correctly. However, Mark got it done the fastest. For the women, Jonna and KellyAnne got it correct. However, KellyAnne didn’t have the pattern right, so Jonna won it. Mark and Jonna were The Authority, with Jonna also getting Veronica’s star, giving her a fifth.

The Authority has to make big decisions

Jonna spoke with Nia about deciding between her, KellyAnne, and Kailah for elimination. Nia said part of her feels she should go in since she quit at the daily. They talked about how they’ve both been in the elimination before, and KellyAnne and Kailah haven’t.

Wes talked with Nehemiah about one of them volunteering to go into elimination and get Derrick’s stars. Nehemiah said he didn’t care about the stars enough. Brad entered the room, and Wes told him he was considering volunteering. Brad said he wasn’t sure they’d go for it.

“I’m going to f**k you guys up,” Wes told Brad if he got all Derrick’s stars for the final.

Derrick talked with Mark about who might go against him. They showed a highlight as Wes defeated Derrick in a Pole Wrestle during a previous Challenge season.

Mark asked Wes if he wanted to have a little chat, but Wes said he couldn’t because he had a business call with an “intellectual mercenary.”

Wes had a video call with seven-time Challenge champion Johnny Bananas. He told Bananas the scenario with stars and asked for his advice about volunteering.

Bananas told him to give him a second to put his thinking cap on, which was a crown. When he stood up, Bananas was wearing thong underwear and mooned Wes. He told Wes “pride before the fall” regarding elimination if he wanted to have a big moment.

the challenge all stars 3 episode 8 johnny bananas video call with wes
Johnny Bananas appears on Wes Bergmann’s video call in The Challenge: All Stars 3. Pic credit: Paramount+

Jonna talked to Kailah about the elimination decision, saying Nia was OK going in, and then KellyAnne panicked and said to choose her instead. Kailah said she’s not worried about being sent in at this point either.

Mark and Jonna met about who to send into elimination. Mark said Brad’s off the table. He wanted to send in Derrick to let him choose his opponent. Jonna told Mark all three of her options volunteered, so she had a big decision.

After the meeting, Mark and Jonna informed Kailah and Derrick they’d be going in at The Arena.

Who went home from The Arena elimination?

As the OGs got to The Arena, they could see a pole down on the sand, suggesting it might be Pole Wrestle. Wes defeated Derrick in the event at The Duel in 2006. Kailah said she had visions about taking out KellyAnne before the final. She chose her as her opponent.

Derrick said he wanted to make things easier on himself. Instead of choosing a Wes rematch 16 years in the making, he called out Nehemiah. Wes told Nehemiah to “F**k him up” as he headed down to compete.

The elimination event was Light My Fire, with the object being to wrestle a pole away from your opponent and then bring it to a cauldron with fire. The first one to light the pole on fire after getting it from their opponent would win.

It was Derrick versus Nehemiah first. They were battling it out, with the rest of the competitors cheering them on from the upper level. Nehemiah seemed to gain the upper hand and got close to his fire cauldron. However, that was the cliffhanger ending for the episode, as a trailer arrived for Episode 9 with the final.

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