The Challenge: All Stars 3 cast members reflect on their finals history, share why fans should root for them

yes duffy in the challenge all stars 3 promotional video
Yes Duffy appears in The Challenge: All Stars 3 promotional video. Pic credit: MTV’s The Challenge/YouTube

24 OGs are headed back to The Challenge for the All Stars 3 spinoff season, and they’re looking to claim some major prize money. Some bring resumes full of finals appearances and wins, while others have maybe been to one final yet never won.

A brand new promotional video dropped on Wednesday featuring many of the All Stars 3 cast members speaking about their Challenge resumes.

In addition, they shared why they feel fans should root for them when watching the upcoming season of the spinoff.

The Challenge: All Stars 3 OGs reflect on finals history

A handful of the cast members appearing in All Stars 3 will bring just one finals appearance with them when they begin the spinoff. In the case of Nia Moore, she’s never officially competed in a final but still qualified for the show which features a cast of former Challenge finalists and winners.

“I have been to one final, and unfortunately, I got myself kicked off, so this is my time to redeem myself,” the former Real World: Portland star shared.

Nia’s sole final was Battle of the Exes II, where she technically reached the final with teammate Leroy Garrett. However, she was kicked off after inappropriate actions toward her castmate Jordan Wiseley when the cast was staying at a location overnight ahead of the final.

Other cast members with just one appearance in a final have included Sylvia Elsrode, who said she was about “40 seconds” away from a win, and Kailah Casillas, who came in third overall during The Challenge: Vendettas.

MJ Garrett has reached two finals, with The Gauntlet 2 and All Stars 2, and won both times. Yes Duffy won during The Challenge 2000 season and then won in the debut season of All Stars, giving him quite the successful Challenge resume. Now he’s looking to capture a second All Stars victory.

The Godfather Mark Long has appeared in four finals during his regular Challenge career, winning two. He also reached and completed the final in the first All Stars. Jordan Wiseley has also reached four finals, winning three in his career.

As far as the cast members with the most experience in finals, some of the top names include Wes Bergmann, Darrell Taylor, and Derrick Kosinski.

Derrick has competed in five of MTV’s The Challenge finals, winning three. Wes reached five finals and won two, while Darrell went to six and won four.

Challenge OGs share why fans should root for them

When it comes to why you should root for them, some of the OGs had clear-cut reasons, such as Nia saying she’s “entertaining,” while Laterrian Wallace said he’s not quite sure why he’s an All-Star or why fans say they root for him.

Brad Fiorenza explained that he leaves it all on the field every time, while castmate Melinda Collins said she plays the game with “integrity and loyalty.”

Jonna Mannion suggested fans need to watch and support her on All Stars 3 because now that she knows how to get to a final and win it, she has an excellent shot at winning again.

Some cast members didn’t hold back when it came to being brutally honest or hyping themselves up for the third season of the spinoff.

“As humbly and modestly as possible, I’m an All-Star because quite possibly I’m the baddest motherf****r that’s ever played the game,” Derrick shared in the new video.

Tina Bridges will be making her second appearance on an All Stars spinoff after choosing not to compete in an All Stars 2 elimination event against Melinda Collins, allowing her the easy win.

“Why should fans root for me?” Tina asked in the video. “You really shouldn’t. I don’t know if I’m gonna do well or bad or sideways or upways, so just watch.”

The Challenge: All Stars 3 premieres on May 11 on Paramount Plus.

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