The Challenge: All Stars 2 cast members make a grand entrance in premiere episode opening footage

darrell taylor in the challenge all stars 2 opening
Darrell Taylor appears in the opening footage for The Challenge: All Stars premiere episode. Pic credit: Paramount+

The OGs are back, as the second season of the spinoff series, The Challenge: All Stars, officially releases on Paramount Plus in November.

Ahead of the season premiere on the streaming platform, MTV revealed a look at the first several minutes from the first episode.

It features the All Stars 2 cast members arriving in grand fashion as they travel by boats to their destination, where the games will soon begin.

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The Challenge: All Stars 2 opening footage shows off cast’s arrival

In the opening scene for The Challenge: All Stars’ first season, cast members including Mark Long, Trishelle Canatella, and Jisela Delgado were shown stepping off the bus to meet TJ Lavin.

With All Stars 2, the OGs are in a new location, Cancun, Mexico, and this time they’re traveling by water to meet up with The Challenge host presumably.

They’re decked out in stylish attire as footage shows them taking in the scenery and enjoying the boat ride ahead of what could be some intense competitions.

Shots are shown of Katie Cooley, Ryan Kehoe, Teck “Money” Holmes, Casey Cooper, and Janelle Casaneve. Challenge legend Tina Barta is the first of the OGs to speak, though.

“Don’t call it a comeback. I’m known in The Challenge world for getting angry, being mean, and my one-liners,” Tina says with a wicked grin.

From there, a quick highlight reel shows memorable moments from Tina’s career, including that infamous punch she landed on castmate Beth Stolarczyk.

“I just want to see if I still got it. I just want to see if Tina’s still there,” she reveals in the opening footage.

Former winners Brad Fiorenza and Darrell Taylor also pop up in the three-minute preview footage. Brad mentions himself amongst “top-tier competitors” in The Challenge.

“I’m an All Star because I’m the only one who won four in a row,” Darell says in a confessional, adding, “Last season was the first time I have ever lost a final. That’s a tough pill to swallow.”

The two OGs are linked by another infamous moment from Challenge history where Darrell connected on several punches to Brad’s face after Brad went at him. Most likely, that could be amongst talking points during the All Stars 2 episodes.

MTV releases Best of All Stars Season 2 cast video

The All Stars 2 cast members aren’t just about throwing punches during previous seasons. When it comes to the competition itself, they’re heavy hitters, with impressive records and memorable moments in eliminations, daily events, and the finals.

In addition to the first three minutes of All Stars 2 footage, MTV also unveiled a new YouTube video with the best of the All Stars Season 2 cast from over their many seasons.

It includes epic eliminations featuring Brad taking on Landon Lueck, Cohutta Grindstaff against Syrus Yarbrough, Darrell versus Danny Jamieson, and more. One event shows Derek Chavez and teammate Robb Schreiber battling Dunbar Merrill and Tyrie Ballard in a classic similar to Hall Brawl, but involving teams.

Derek Chavez, Derrick Kosinski, Jonna Mannion, Jasmine Reynaud, MJ Garrett, and Jodi Weatherton also shine in the highlight footage below. Check it out to get revved up ahead of the All Stars 2 premiere on November 11.

Best of All Stars Season 2 Cast ✨ The Challenge: All Stars

The OGs will be back after many years away from MTV’s show, this time competing in the abbreviated season of The Challenge: All Stars 2. It may be fewer episodes and seem like fun and games, but the competition still involves extreme events with big money on the line in TJ’s final!

The Challenge: All Stars 2 premieres on Thursday, November 11, on Paramount Plus.

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