The Challenge 39 spoilers: Final 12 competitors revealed for upcoming season

tj lavin during a promotional clip for the challenge
The Challenge Season 39 may have 12 finalists competing to become first-time champion. Pic credit: MTV

Based on the latest spoilers, MTV’s The Challenge Season 39 may have arrived at its finalists or is close to that point.

Over the past several months, online spoilers have shown which cast members are involved in the filming and which have been eliminated.

Monsters and Critics recently reported that the rumored eliminations have reached 12, which is half the cast for Season 39.

With that, 12 competitors are remaining to compete for the big prize money potentially, and one of those 12 individuals will also get to call themself a first-time champion of MTV’s The Challenge.

Several strong contenders are vying for the title, with experience in the game from recent seasons of MTV’s shows, spinoffs, or other reality TV competition shows.

Spoilers follow for the upcoming 39th season of the competition series, which has yet to be confirmed or given a release date.

Challenge insider reveals Season 39’s final 12 competitors

A recent Instagram post from known spoiler insider GamerVev showed the six men and six women still competing in The Challenge Season 39.

The women include Colleen Schneider, Moriah Jadea, Nurys Mateo, Bern Canbeldek, Olivia Kaiser, and Survivor winner Michele Fitzgerald.

The final six competitors for the men include Horacio Gutierrez, Jay Starrett, Emanuel Neagu, Kyland Young, James Lock, and Corey Lay.

Finalists could include Ride or Dies favorites

Of the 12 individuals revealed above, Horacio and Olivia appear to have returned to their second-straight final. Could this be a redemption season for them after Olivia’s unfortunate injury in Ride or Dies?

All other competitors are in their first final since participating in The Challenge. Kyland and James are newcomers on MTV’s Challenge, although both appeared in spinoff versions of the show with The Challenge: USA and UK.

James was eliminated in just the first episode of The Challenge: UK, while Kyland lasted until Episode 7 of CBS’ USA spinoff.

Meanwhile, one has to wonder if Jay and Michele are the favorites to win due to their experience on MTV’s show compared to the others.

This is Jay’s fourth MTV season and Michele’s third. The duo teamed up for Ride or Dies but lost in elimination to Horacio and Olivia, possibly due to the help of yelling castmates.

Fans still shouldn’t count out former Big Brother and The Challenge: USA star Kyland. He won two eliminations against Challenge OGs Brad Fiorenza and Darrell Taylor.

In addition, competitors Berna and Emanuel participated in international versions of Survivor, possibly giving them valuable experience for the final.

How does The Challenge 39 final work?

Based on spoilers at the Vevmo forum, The Challenge Season 39 could have an uneven number of finalists competing for the win.

That could mean that the group revealed above is not the finalists, and more eliminations or a purge is on the way.

There will be just one winner for the season rather than two winners like the previous three seasons.

However, second and third place will automatically receive prize money, unlike recent seasons where the winners decided to give the other finalists some of the money they won.

Most likely, the final will begin filming soon, if it hasn’t already. Stay tuned as Season 39 spoilers should arrive within the next few weeks, revealing who the newest Challenge champion is!

The Challenge Season 39 is TBA for MTV. The Challenge: USA 2 premieres Thursday, August 10 at 10/9c.

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