The Challenge 38, Episode 8 synopsis teases Ride or Dies star’s difficult decisions in the game

jordan wiseley in the challenge ride or dies episode 7
Jordan Wiseley appears during The Challenge: Ride or Dies Episode 7. Pic credit: MTV

As eliminations trim down the cast of The Challenge: Ride or Dies, teams that win daily challenges face tougher decisions regarding which castmates to send into The Zone.

While some teams have been playing it safe and trying to stay under the radar, others have been in the hot seat several times, leading to uncomfortable moments with their friends and castmates.

One of those teams was Jay Starrett and Michele Fitzgerald, the first duo to win two daily challenges. Unfortunately, their choices for potential elimination teams caused some rifts in the house and had castmates upset with them.

The same could be said for the latest daily challenge winners, who scored their second win of the season in Episode 7, but then ruffled feathers when they chose their four potential teams for The Zone.

Their decisions for the elimination matchup have set the stage for more drama in the upcoming episode of MTV’s competition show.

This report will include spoilers for The Challenge: Ride or Dies, including a tease of Episode 8.

Synopsis for The Challenge: Ride or Dies Episode 8

Episode 8 of The Challenge: Ride or Dies is called Born to Ride or Die and will feature one team with a target on their backs. Viewers have already seen two teams in the hot seat as two-time daily challenge winners.

In addition to Jay and Michele, Nelson Thomas and his rookie teammate, Nurys Mateo, have won two daily events. They won the Peaking Blinders daily event in Ride or Dies Episode 7, but their decisions for the elimination teams led to one player feeling blindsided by their elimination decision.

However, another team will likely be under the spotlight in Episode 8, based on the synopsis that has arrived online.

“After a season of big moves, one pair of Ride or Dies finds themselves in the crosshairs of numerous teams. One player must choose between new love, old friendship, and playing a smart game,” the IMDB synopsis reads.

While the synopsis above doesn’t mention specific players, one has to wonder if the “pair of Ride or Dies” refers to Devin Walker and Tori Deal.

The two Spies, Lies & Allies finalists went into the premiere episode’s elimination and won. Since then, they haven’t returned to The Zone or been among the nominees on the board.

That led to other castmates getting suspicious that Devin was strategizing and working behind the scenes to orchestrate a master plan. In Episode 7, Johnny Bananas and Nany Gonzalez suspected Devin was in that mastermind role, as did castmate Amber Borzotra. Bananas even compared Devin to Wes Bergmann at one point.

Could Devin and Tori find themselves amongst potential elimination teams in Episode 8?

The synopsis also hints at a player deciding between “new love, old friendship, and playing a smart game.” This could point toward Nelson, who has a budding showmance with Olivia Kaiser, or it could be Jordan Wiseley.

Previous trailer footage hinted at Jordan and Nurys cozying up in The Challenge house. That could be his “new love,” with his “old friendship” referring to his ex Tori or other veteran castmates.

Ride or Dies trailer has player looking for ‘payback’

In addition to the synopsis above, a trailer arrived after Episode 7 to tease other potential storylines from the upcoming installment. Among them are Bananas’ 40th birthday celebration and one player looking for some payback.

The trailer features Amber talking to Michele about not being able to trust the people she’s working with during Ride or Dies. Another scene has Fessy Shafaat and Nelson talking about someone wanting “big payback.”

Amber voiced to Nelson that she’d felt they would have one another’s backs in the game during Episode 7, even admitting he was in her top four castmates to protect.

However, Nelson didn’t share those sentiments and sent Amber and her boyfriend, Chauncey Palmer, into the elimination matchup at The Zone, opting to protect other veteran castmates instead.

With Amber and Chauncey defeating Veronica Portillo and Darrell Taylor in the Episode 7 elimination, two more players are headed back to the house with revenge on their minds. Will Amber find a way to get payback on Nelson?

Fans will be able to see the new episode when it debuts on MTV on Wednesday, November 30.

The Challenge: Ride or Dies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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