The Challenge 37: Aneesa Ferreira and Tori Deal reveal castmate cried on bus ride after daily mission

the challenge season 37 cast at mission in episode 4
Members of The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies cast at the site for the daily mission in Episode 4. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies’ fourth episode featured several pivotal moments where the veteran alliance seemed to be falling apart.

Viewers saw an explosive elimination at the end of the episode with Josh Martinez going off on his ally and friend Fessy Shafaat due to his decision to throw teammate Amber Borzotra into elimination.

Before that happened, another incident occurred during the competitors’ daily challenge involving two friends who didn’t seem to be on the same page with the veterans’ strategy.

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Both incidents involved some hurt feelings, with at least one resulting in a cast member crying after it took place.

Spies, Lies & Allies daily mission saw friends at odds

During the Season 37, Episode 4 mission called Undercover Comms, two separate heats competed with one winning team emerging from each.

The team with the fastest time would become The Agency, gaining safety from elimination and the power to send one man and one woman into elimination.

It became clear in the first heat that the goal was to make sure the rookie-rookie team of Corey Lay and Michele Fitzgerald lost early. They were eliminated second overall by the team of Josh Martinez and Amber Borzotra.

Josh and Amber would go on to win that first heat. In the second heat, it was veteran-veteran teams or rookie-veteran teams. Most of the vets seemed to agree to go with the flow of the competition, and whoever was winning, they’d let win to get a quicker time than the first heat winners.

Kyle Christie didn’t seem to know that was the plan, based on his comments. So he eliminated the team of Devin Walker and Emy Alupei, leading the way for Fessy Shafaat and Esther Agunbiade to win.

During The Challenge Aftermath show, host Devyn Simone asked Kyle about what happened. He said he didn’t want to get rid of Fessy and Esther. That’s because Kyle and Esther agreed during the daily mission that if either of them won, they wouldn’t throw the other down for elimination.

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Aneesa and Tori said castmate was really hurt by Kyle’s move

As viewers saw in the episode, Kyle’s actions caused Devin to become heated towards his friend and ally. The two have been close over the several seasons they’ve appeared on together.

Footage showed the two strategizing together earlier in the Spies, Lies & Allies episode. There was a hilarious merged photo of the two castmates showing off the bromance as a fictitious cast member named “Dyle.”

Viewers didn’t get to see footage of the aftermath of Kyle’s decision to blindside Devin during the daily challenge. According to Aneesa Ferreira and Tori Deal on MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast, Devin was quite hurt during the bus ride home.

With each of their podcast episodes, Aneesa and Tori award the “Dirtiest Deed” to one cast member based on something dirty they did in the episode. Aneesa immediately said Kyle should get the award.

“Oh, for sure, dude. Devin did cry about that. I’ve never seen [it],” Tori said.

“He was quiet on the bus. One thing about Devin if he’s not sleeping, he’s awake and part of the conversation,” Aneesa said, adding, “It was like somebody just took a s*** on his whole parade.”

Aneesa went on to say the vets had gotten into a huddle to discuss their strategy for the second heat, and the directions were clear to let whoever was in the lead get the win to have the fastest time between the two heats. Devin and Emy seemed to have a shot.

Since Kyle deviated from the plan, it clearly hurt his friend, Devin. Many other castmates, including Cory Wharton and Nelson Thomas, referred to Kyle as a snake, even suggesting he could be the veteran alliance’s next target to get rid of.

“There might be a little jealousy, and I’m only saying this because Devin and Kyle are both very similar. They’re both very funny. They both bring a lot of that humor to the table. Devin has really had the opportunity to showcase that humor because he’s been picked so many times to be people’s partners,” Tori said.

Aneesa and Tori agreed there was like a “brotherly competition” going on between the two friends. Aneesa added that although she loves Kyle, “if you don’t have to do it, then don’t do it” regarding his move against Devin.

Luckily for Kyle, he and Devin had a sit-down later in the episode to settle their earlier differences. Kyle offered an apology to his friend, seeming to get them back on the same page as they continue in the game.

The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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