The Busch Family is coming to MTV with Busch Family Brewed — Here’s what you need to know

Christi and Billy Busch during a Busch Family Brewed confessional
Christi and Billy Busch will star in Busch Family Brewed. Pic credit: MTV

Busch Family Brewed is coming to MTV next month. The trailer for the series has been airing on the network and from the looks of it, viewers will be tuning in for all of the drama and partying.

The family is based in St. Louis where they have built a life for themselves. Viewers may think the Busch family is all about the beer, but there is plenty more to learn about them from Busch Family Brewed when it premieres.

Meet the stars of Busch Family Brewed

Billy Busch and his wife Christi have seven children. There is a 15-year age gap between the oldest and the youngest Busch child. They have four girls and three boys.

As far as children go, Billy Busch Jr. is known as the responsible one. Haley is dubbed the sweet one, Abbey is the wild child, Gussie is the ladies man, Grace is known for her bluntness, and Maddie is the wise child. Peter is the baby and the youngest of the bunch.

Money is not an issue for the family who has a 700-acre estate. They have plenty of toys like jetskis, ATVs, and other things to keep them busy. Busch Family Brewed will provide a look into the family who has everything, including a cat, dogs, and horses.

MTV has shown the trailer for Busch Family Brewed and it looks like the Busch family knows how to party. From Christi dancing on the bar to the children funneling beer from the second story to the ground floor, it looks like there will be no shortage of fun and probably some drama thrown in for good measure.

Who is Billy Busch and why is he famous?

As the great-grandson of Adolphus Busch, Billy Busch was born into the family beer dynasty. His sector of the Busch family is known for the Kraftig line which debuted in November of 2011. After nearly eight years of production, things were shut down last summer.

The filming of Busch Family Brewed and the Kraftig beer shutdown happened at around the same time. It is unclear if they decided to end production to do the reality television show or if things just worked out that way.

As MTV gears up to introduce the Busch family with Busch Family Brewed, there are some pretty successful shows to follow.

Busch Family Brewed debuts Thursday, March 5 at 9/8c on MTV.

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