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The Bachelor’s Catherine Giudici lost 25 pounds — Here’s what she says she did

The Bachelor's Catherine Giudici lost 25 pounds
The Bachelor star Catherine Giudici has lost 25 pounds. Pic credit: @catherinegiudici/Instagram.

The Bachelor fan favorite Catherine Giudici put on some weight during the pandemic. Over the past few weeks, however, she’s lost a considerable amount of it; a whopping 25 pounds, according to some reports.

Fans are naturally curious about how Catherine lost the weight. As it turns out, she didn’t exactly have to starve herself to do so. Instead, she implemented a few small changes that led to some drastic results.

How The Bachelor star Catherine Giudici lost 25 pounds

Portion control is an essential part of how Catherine both lost the initial weight and manages to maintain her figure. She and her husband, Sean Lowe, are part of the NutriSystem Partner Plan, where measured portions are critical. While they can still eat what they want, it’s only in certain amounts.

As the former The Bachelor contestant said to the Daily Mail, “We’re still eating those fun things like pizza, pasta and burgers, but they’re perfectly portioned and made healthier.”

As you might expect, Catherine Giudici is getting a lot of support from her husband. Alongside being involved in the NutriSystem Partner Plan, Sean keeps her motivated and has even lost 12 pounds himself.

Exercise is also a large part of Catherine’s weight loss, as it is with any other healthy lifestyle. While the reality television star isn’t exactly a fan of it, she’s previously said that it’s something she’s glad she does.

That doesn’t mean that Catherine’s cut out the snacking, however. Instead, she’s swapped the sugary treats for something healthier. That’s why she’s switched to NutriSystem’s products, which she claims keep her going during the day without packing on the calories.

With a 25-pound weight loss, it certainly looks like it’s working for the television star. The Bachelor winner has been showing this weight loss around, such as at a recent church sermon delivered by Sean. She posted a photo of the two after the sermon, on which she praised the message he delivered.

Husband Sean Lowe calls Catherine “quirky”

Despite all of his support, husband Sean Lowe still teases Catherine Giudici. Recently, he jokingly claimed that she was “weird and quirky.” The two met when appearing on Season 17 of The Bachelor and have been together ever since.

As he noted in a recent Instagram post, “Almost nine years later and she still says a lot of nonsensical things, and I still can’t get enough of it.”

Catherine followed up and joked in the comments section noting that he should say that to her face.

The Bachelor is currently on a hiatus.

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