Catherine Giudici shares ‘real-life’ family photo, gushes over husband Sean Lowe’s church sermon

Sean Lowe Catherine Giudici
Catherine Giudici gushed over a church sermon husband Sean Lowe delivered at their family’s parish. Pic credit: @catherinegiudici/Instagram

Catherine Giudici shared a “real-life” photo of herself with her three kids at the conclusion of a church sermon delivered by her husband Sean Lowe at their family parish.

The former reality stars, who met during Season 17 of The Bachelor, couldn’t get their brood to look at the camera for a posed photo. Rather, their trio of kids, Samuel, Mia, and Isaiah, decided to act like kids and do everything but smile for the camera. Samuel made a funny face, Isaiah looked away and Mia sat impassively in her mother’s arms.

Catherine was very proud of her handsome husband after he spoke to their congregation.

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“Who wants a perfect family photo after church when you could have a perfectly YOU family photo after church?” she questioned.

Catherine followed her question with words of praise for Sean, who delivered his sermon at the Fellowship Church in Texas.

“I am so very proud of my husband after delivering a solid message about obedience and purpose. He is humble and wise, hot and faithful. He is also a words of affirmation guy so feel free to share how you felt about his message if you tuned it today,” she stated.

The Bachelor fans reacted to her message and words of praise

Fans of the couple and attendees of their parish shared their own words of praise for the couple and for Sean’s inspirational sermon.

“He did wonderful. His message was so needed and really forced us to reevaluate and ask ourselves if we are being obedient to God. And, when we are, we can watch the amazing things that happen in our lives when we live life according to God’s purpose for us. Through obedience, God shows us our purpose. It’s not about chasing goals, money, fame, sports, or anything else of the matter but chasing Jesus. Great message!” applauded one follower.

catherine giudici
Followers of Catherine Giudici shared their remarks about Sean Lowe’s sermon at their family church on May 23. Pic credit: @catherinegiudici/Instagram

Sean inspired his fellow parishioners with his words of wisdom

Finding Your Purpose | Cover To Cover | Sean Lowe

“You may recognize me from that silly, ridiculous TV show called The Bachelor,” he admitted to the congregation.

Sean then spoke of his time on The Bachelor, which he considered “a free vacation” until he met Catherine.

Sean shared that Catherine felt joy upon meeting Sean’s family and realized that she wanted to share in that feeling with them.

“Shortly after the show, Catherine gave her life to Christ as did her best friend who signed her up for the show. My dad baptized her in that same little southern Baptist church that they drove me to as a kid. We’ve got three kids, 4, 3, and 1 are their ages,” he said.

Sean joked there is a reason why their kids are so close in age, “my wife can’t keep her hands off of me.”

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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