Catherine Giudici says she hopes Chris Harrison returns to The Bachelor franchise

Chris Harrison Catherine Giudici
Catherine Giudici said she is hopeful that Chris Harrison will return to The Bachelor franchise. Pic credit: @ABC/ Nelson

Former The Bachelor star Catherine Giudici said she hopes that Chris Harrison will return to The Bachelor franchise.

The fan-favorite from Season 17 who would go on to wed Sean Lowe in 2014 claimed that Chris was an integral part of the show and franchise, which began 19 years ago.

I want to see him come back,” she shared.

“I think he will. I hope he does, because I know so many Bachelor fans out there rely on him to be the voice of The Bachelor.”

Catherine claimed he was “steady” as host and a constant presence for the emotional dating competition series.

“Chris is a good base that everyone could kind of rely on,” she added.

The controversy that caused Chris to step back

Chris came under fire in February of this year after a Reddit user shared a photo of former contestant Rachael Kirkconnell wearing an antebellum-style dress for an “old south” fraternity party in college. Chris spoke to former Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay on the television show Extra where he asked for “grace” for Rachael.

He agreed with Rachel that while the photos did not shine the best light on the contestant, he stood by his comments that over time, perspectives can change on certain things.

Chris would later step back as host from the show after posting a lengthy Instagram message where he apologized for not speaking out against Rachael’s actions.

The final episode of Season 25, The Bachelor: After the Final Rose which starred Matt James, was hosted by author Emmanuel Acho. During the finale, Emmanuel opened up an important conversation with Matt and Rachael about race and understanding, a first in Bachelor history. Chris did not participate in that finale episode.

Catherine spoke about Chris rejoining the franchise moving forward

The raven-haired mother of three shared her own view on the controversy that caused Chris to step back from The Bachelor franchise at the close of Season 25

“If we’re giving him the time that he’s asking for to reflect on certain things, I think it’s only fair that we kind of say, ‘OK, you did your work and thank you for doing your work,” she said.

“And respecting his choices. I mean, maybe he doesn’t want to [return]. I don’t know. He might be on to different things,” she added. Catherine said that she and Sean “love and respect Chris,” and that he will “always be The Bachelor [host] to us.”

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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