Sean Lowe talks ‘growing pains’ in Catherine Giudici marriage, The Bachelor fame added extra ‘pressure’

sean lowe catherine giudici
Bachelor stars Sean Lowe and Catherine Guidici experienced plenty of growing pains in the early years of their marriage, which were intensified by public interest in their union. Pic credit: @seanlowe/Instagram

Sean Lowe admitted he and Catherine Guidici experienced “growing pains” in their marriage. He claimed the fame brought on by growing their love as contestants on The Bachelor, and the subsequent fan interest in their marriage added extra “pressure” to their union.

Sean sat down with the hosts of the podcast Unzipped, Shenae Grimes-Beech, and AnnaLynne McCord, to share his experiences growing his relationship and marriage under a microscope.

“In the beginning of our marriage, we had growing pains, which for those newlyweds out there who are listening and like maybe it’s a little rocky, that’s normal. That’s what we’ve come to find out,” the former reality star explained.

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“There was a bit of pressure because we did a lot of public appearances and things like that. And you have to put on a brave face, even though maybe 30 minutes prior we just got into an ugly spat at home,” Sean said.

He said that together, he and Catherine have grown in their love for one another and the family they have created.

The couple are parents to three children: Mia, Samuel, and Isaiah.

Sean praised Catherine for being “the best wife possible”

Of his wife, Sean said that he appreciates all Catherine does for their clan.

He addressed the issues that most newly-married couples endure when learning how to grow with someone those first years together.

Sean stressed that they can be challenging but not something that cannot be overcome.

He told Shenae and AnnaLynne, “We’ve grown, and [Catherine] has tried so hard to just be like the best wife possible. She’s an incredible mother and, hopefully, I’ve grown up a little bit too in our marriage. Those rocky times that we experienced the first year or two, thankfully we don’t experience that too often anymore.”

Catherine also shared her point of view about what makes their union work

Catherine was also involved in this important discussion. She explained that each couple has to learn what works for them and what does not.

“He’s a word of affirmation guy. So, like, whenever he’s having a hard day, just being there and saying something that, he’s doing a good job or ‘I get it,’ empathizing with him,” Catherine added.

In return, Sean had to learn what works when his wife is trying to explain her point of view on a subject and how to respond.

“She loves to be validated. It took me a long time to figure this out instead of solving her problems, which most guys I think are problem solvers,” he explained.

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