The Bachelorette: When will Katie Thurston’s finale air? What can fans expect during After the Final Rose?

katie thurston
Just how many more episodes are left in Katie Thurston’s journey as The Bachelorette? We have the details. Pic credit: ABC

Fans of The Bachelorette have viewed what feels like the quickest season of the reality dating competition series in some time as Katie Thurston looked for love among 30 men and whittled her choices down to three potential life partners.

The drama that has ensued this season will reportedly continue over the next two weeks, and Katie’s journey as The Bachelorette comes to a close, and Bachelor Nation sees which man she picked and perhaps became engaged to.

Katie has had quite the journey this season as she endured plenty of unexpected twists and turns, many of which reduced her to tears.

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She had learned of some ill-willed contestants who were on her season to make a name for themselves on television, some who were just there to gain followers and others who didn’t consider her wishes when she insisted over and over again she was taking this public journey to find a man to become engaged to and marry.

In her quest for love, Katie has had to stand up for herself time and time again, cementing her place in Bachelor Nation as one of the few women who attempted to take charge of her season. She did not portray herself as a femme fatale nor a shrinking violet.

Fans took to Katie Thurston because she appeared to be one of them, someone who laughs at themselves has a bit of a tomboy edge, finds joy in laughter and most of all, wants to be in love.

Katie Thurston Greg Grippo
Katie Thurston and Greg Grippo are a fan-favorite couple this season. Pic credit: ABC

How many episodes are left in this season of The Bachelorette?

Viewers of The Bachelorette will only have two more episodes to watch Katie’s journey unfold.

On Monday, August 2, the series will head into its hometown episodes. Katie will meet the parents and family members of her three remaining suitors: Justin Glaze, Greg Grippo, and Blake Moynes.

katie and justin
Katie Thurston and Justin Glaze have a deep and caring connection for one another. Pic credit: ABC

The structure of these dates will be similar to what viewers saw in Tayshia Adams season of The Bachelorette and Matt James season of The Bachelor. Because of the transmittal rate of the coronavirus, the cast and crew will not travel to various locations as they did in seasons before the pandemic began.

Instead, the family members will head to New Mexico to learn more about Katie and her about them.

Katie has yet to reveal which man she is in love with, so perhaps fans can look forward to that reveal during hometowns.

The Bachelorette finale and After the Final Rose

The Week 10 finale of The Bachelorette will air on August 9 at its regularly scheduled time. This will be when Katie picks her final suitor and hopefully, finds the happiness she has searched for.

Two men will be eliminated that evening.

blake moynes katie thurston
Blake Moynes and Katie Thurston have an undeniable attraction to one another. Pic credit: ABC

During the broadcast of After the Final Rose, Katie will sit down in front of a studio audience, similar to that of The Bachelorette: The Men Tell All episode.

The special will be helmed by current Bachelorette hosts Tayshia Adams and Kaitlyn Bristowe, who will speak to Katie about her love journey and to the men who were eliminated.

Katie and her love match will then face the cameras for the first time as a couple.

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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