The Bachelorette viewers wish Brandon Jones was the new Bachelor lead instead of Clayton Echard

Brandon Jones and Michelle Young film for The Bachelorette
The Bachelorette runner-up Brandon Jones became a fan favorite and viewers want him to be The Bachelor over Clayton Echard. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelorette season finale was quite eventful. While Michelle Young found her happily ever after with Nayte Olukoya, her runner-up, Brandon Jones, had his heart broken.

Brandon was already a fan favorite but he won viewers over with how well he got along with Michelle’s parents and how comfortable he was expressing his feelings to her.

Now that Brandon left the show single, The Bachelorette viewers are annoyed that producers chose to make Clayton The Bachelor lead over Brandon.

The Bachelorette viewers want Brandon Jones to be The Bachelor

The Bachelorette viewers were outraged that Brandon was passed on for The Bachelor role over Clayton.

One viewer tweeted, “How could they choose Clayton over Brandon as the next #Bachelor?”

Another asked, “Clayton is the bachelor HOW?!???? BRANDON IS RIGHT THERE.”

Another viewer couldn’t believe that producers thought Clayton was a better choice than Brandon.

They wrote, “Producers really saw this man and thought: ‘You know who would make a great bachelor? Clayton,'” along with a clown emoji.

The Bachelorette viewers argue why Brandon should be The Bachelor over Clayton

The Bachelorette viewers have never held their opinions back and don’t plan on doing so now. Some Twitter users gave detailed explanations as to why they felt Brandon deserved the role over Clayton.

One user felt that Brandon’s mature behavior during the After The Final Rose special made him a no-brainer choice for The Bachelor. Brandon was able to express his frustration about not ending up with Michelle without losing his composure all while congratulating Michelle and Nayte.

The user tweeted, “Me trying to figure out how ABC thought Clayton was the better pick for Bachelor after Brandon’s interview (and really just in general)”

Another felt that Brandon received a true Bachelor edit and is confused why this didn’t lead to him getting chosen as The Bachelor.

They wrote, “I will say this. They gave Brandon #theBachelor edit without making him the Bachelor. Like, why? We don’t get to enjoy the Michelle and Nayte love story and Brandon’s story feels unresolved. Ugh. Not tuning in Clayton.”

Another felt there was a slew of options that were better than Clayton in addition to Brandon.

“I’m losing brain cells trying to figure out how they chose Clayton when BRANDON, JOE, RODNEY, WERE ALL RIGHT THERE,” they emphasized.

All in all, one viewer knows Bachelor Nation has a lot of power when it comes to influencing producers. After all, it was rumored that Greg Grippo was passed over as The Bachelor due to protestation.

They suggested, “Bachelor Nation needs to get Clayton cancelled and have Brandon become the next Bachelor.”

Unfortunately for that user and all the other ones who don’t want Clayton to be The Bachelor, it’s too late to replace him now. Clayton’s season finished filming and post-production a while ago and it’s not likely producers will scrap an entire season just two weeks before its premiere.

However, there is a chance that Brandon could be chosen as The Bachelor next time around.

The Bachelor returns to ABC on Monday, January 3 at 8/7c.

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