The Bachelorette: The mystery woman Connor B kissed revealed as singer Tara Kelly

Connor B and Tara Kelly film for The Bachelorette
Tara Kelly is the country music singer who shared a kiss with Connor Brennan on The Bachelorette Men Tell All. Pic credit: ABC

Bachelorette viewers were shocked when a seemingly random audience member offered to prove that Connor Brennan wasn’t a bad kisser during the Men Tell All.

Connor had a one-on-one interview during the Men Tell All, during which he reflected on his shocking breakup.

He hadn’t seen it coming and jokingly suspected that she suddenly broke up with him because the kiss they’d shared was so bad.

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He even revealed that he reached out to his exes and asked if he was a bad kisser.

This is when one woman stood up from the audience and said she wanted to help prove to Bachelor Nation that Connor B. wasn’t a bad kisser.

Connor was certainly on board and was overjoyed to kiss the mystery beauty, as he had admitted he had been checking her out earlier on.

After the kiss, Connor asked for her name and her number.

During the special, we learned she was Tara, but since then, we’ve discovered even more about the mystery brunette.

Who is Tara Kelly?

Tara Kelly is an up-and-coming country music musician.

She released her first single, Ghost Town, in 2020. Her next single, The River, came in January 2021.

Her most recent single titled Playing With Fire was released on Friday, April 30.

Arranging a kiss with a hot Bachelorette contestant is certainly great promotion for her single, and it’s becoming more apparent that the kiss was staged in some capacity.

Her efforts have seemingly paid off as country music singer has 20k followers and her single Playing With Fire has over 15k plays, as of this writing.

Tara expressed her gratitude for the opportunity and confirmed that she is the woman who kissed Connor B. on Instagram.

“For all my friends & family asking, it’s me,” she captioned the video. “What a wildly surreal night. Hi and welcome to everyone new here and thank you to all the incredibly supportive people in my life, I promise I will answer your text messages.”

Connor B is seemingly smitten for Tara Kelly

Even though Tara’s kiss with Connor B. may have boosted her career, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have feelings for the Bachelorette contestant.

While Tara confessed to thinking he was cute on the show, Connor also admitted that he had been checking her out earlier.

Even though Connor B. has filmed for Bachelor in Paradise since, it doesn’t seem like he finds love in the summer series. Connor made it clear that he’s still interested in Tara, and that maybe this could blossom into a full-on relationship.

Connor visited Tara’s Instagram page and commented, “can’t stop grinning every time i watch this,” on her video of the kiss.

Connor comments on Tara Kelly's Instagram post
Pic credit: @tarakellymusic/Instagram

Additionally, he dedicated an Instagram post to Tara, which he uploaded the morning after the Men Tell All aired.

“Good morning to tara kelly and tara kelly only,” he captioned the post.

Connor B. and Tara may be the next Bachelor Nation couple! After all, Connor B also writes his own songs so it might be a match made in heaven!

The Bachelorette airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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