Connor Brennan writes one last song for Katie Thurston after his shocking exit from The Bachelorette

Connor Brennan wears a polo and smiles at the camera
Connor B. channels his emotional breakup through song. Pic credit: ABC

Connor Brennan is singing away his blues. There’s been plenty of tears on this season of The Bachelorette but perhaps none more than Connor’s heartbreaking exit on the latest episode. 

Saying goodbye to Connor wasn’t easy for Katie and their breakup also took a particularly tough toll on the men in the house, as well as fans, who all adored Connor and his playful punny spirit. 

After fans flocked to social media to voice their sadness over seeing Connor be emotionally eliminated, Connor took time to comment on his experience and how he’s processing the good and bad of his time on the show. And gave fans one more self-written song. 

Connor Brennan finally believes that he’s enough 

Connor shared that he is overwhelmingly grateful for every part of his experience. He also admitted that he had been extremely anxious when he first joined the show and essentially dealt with a case of imposter syndrome. 

While Connor initially felt like he didn’t belong on the cast, he explained that Katie and every man in the house uplifted him and encouraged him to the point that he was able to walk away from the show believing that he’s deserving and more than enough.

Connor and Katie’s breakup was the most emotional of the season, with Connor feeling blindsided and devastated to learn that the instant chemistry he had with Katie had quickly faded. Katie felt Connor was an incredible guy but she couldn’t get past the fact that they had no spark whenever they kissed, which left Connor to wonder if he was that bad of a kisser. 

After such a hard breakup, Connor shared that he went back home and took some time away to process with family, as well as write a song that ,he shared with the post, highlighting his charming voice. 

Connor serenades Katie one more time 

As Connor croons in the video, the song lyrics indicate that he wrote this song with Katie in mind. With lyrics like, “You belong in someone else’s arms.” it’s clear that the mellow tune captured both the hurt and the hope that Connor experienced with Katie. 

Connor concluded his caption with a message for Katie Thurston. He tagged The Bachelorette’s leading lady and told her she’s “an incredible, beautiful human and I’m lucky to know you.” 

While Connor wasn’t the one for Katie, he expressed that he is still rooting for Katie and hopes she has a great love story with the men that remain after her big elimination episode.

Connor’s chance at a love story also isn’t over since it’s been announced that he’ll be a cast member on Bachelor in Paradise this summer. Hopefully his heart has healed and he’ll be able to find perfect harmony with a new woman on the island.

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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