The Bachelorette fans are almost as upset about Connor B leaving as the rest of Katie Thurston’s guys

Connor B on The Bachelorette
Fans and contestants alike were heartbroken to see Connor B. go home Pic credit: ABC

It was an emotional night for fans of The Bachelorette as Katie Thurston said goodbye to five of her remaining contestants.

While many viewers were sad to see such a great group of guys make their departure, it was Connor Brennan’s exit that really hit people in the gut.

There wasn’t a dry eye to be had throughout Bachelor Nation or inside The Bachelorette resort either.

Katie tearfully broke up with Connor prior to the evening portion of their one-on-one date because she felt the chemistry just wasn’t there. Even in his moment of pain, Connor was more concerned with comforting Katie and wiping her tears away as his own poured down his cheeks.

Fans flooded social media to share their despair and disbelief over Connor’s exit but nothing compared to the reaction of the other contestants.

Prior to leaving, nice guy Connor made his way back to say his goodbyes to the rest of the guys, who were just as shocked and saddened as the rest of us. Several of them were seen crying as they said their goodbyes to their friend, proving that the bromances made are just as special as the love connections with Katie.

The Bachelorette fans were almost as upset as the rest of the guys when Katie Thurston sent Connor B. home

The Bachelorette fans were heartbroken that Katie just didn’t feel a spark with Connor, especially since he was such a nice guy.

Many flocked to Twitter to share their heartbreak after watching his emotional exit.

Several fans shared memes to show their sadness.

Others worried about how Greg would take the news since the two of them had a pretty strong bromance going on.

But nothing seemed to compare to the reactions of the other guys in the house, who broke down in tears, with Tre even sobbing.

While it was hard to watch all of the emotions from the guys, their gut-wrenching reactions just speak to Connor’s character and what a likable guy he is.

Even though there wasn’t a mutual romantic connection between him and Katie, there’s no doubt that women all over the country would be happy for a chance with him after getting to know him on the show.

Who else did Katie Thurston send home on The Bachelorette?

Connor’s exit may have been the one that stirred up the most emotions but he wasn’t the only guy sent home last night.

Katie also said goodbye to Aaron, Tre, James, and Hunter. She let the men know that she didn’t want to deal with any more drama and wanted to focus on the strong connections and relationships she was forming.

Following the rose ceremony, Justin, Blake, Brendan, Andrew S., Greg, Michael, and Mike P.

Now that she’s down to only seven remaining contestants, things look to get serious as Katie starts thinking about who she wants to travel to hometowns with.

Fans should tune in to next week’s episode to see what happens between Katie and the remaining contestants.

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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