The Bachelorette: John Hersey proves that the bromances are just as important as the final rose

John Hersey wears a suit and tie when meeting Katie Thurston
John Hersey is smitten meeting Katie for the first time Pic credit: ABC

After his time on The Bachelorette, Californian self-proclaimed “fragile guy” John Hersey, appears to have zero regrets.

In the midst of the drama with Karl Smith and his vague accusations, many guys didn’t get proper time with Katie which led to them being sent home. John was one of the contestants who fell victim to the situation, leading fans to demand “justice for John.”

However, even after being eliminated, John has managed to still be in high spirits and find the positives from his brief time on the show.  

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John applauds the men on his season

John hopped on social media to let fans know where his head has been since being axed on The Bachelorette. He posted a friendly photo of himself with a big bright smile.

John shared that he hasn’t stopped smiling since getting out of the limo and expressed that the outpouring of love he’s received since being on the show was unexpected but very much appreciated. 

Many fans were rooting for John to go far, especially with rumors circulating that John would make Katie’s top four. Fans were disappointed to see him go home so soon as they appreciated John’s positive, sincere, and drama-free spirit.

Viewers felt John deserved better with some of Bachelor Nation even expressing their desire for John to be the next Bachelor. 

While fans feel John was snubbed, John has no hard feelings towards The Bachelorette lead, Katie Thurston, for sending him home. He continues to view Katie as an extraordinary person that he’s grateful to have met. 

John didn’t get love out of his time on The Bachelorette but he seems to have built solid bonds with the men in the house. He took time out to address and applaud the men this season and share how he’s thankful they became such great friends. 

Many of the men expressed their respect and gratitude for John, indicating that The Bachelorette produces as many bromances as it does romances. 

Being on reality television can be a taxing experience but, fortunately for John, he felt well taken care of while on the show. He thanked the team behind The Bachelorette for looking out for him and being mindful of his sensitivities. 

John is not saying goodbye yet

Interestingly, when speaking on the men in the house, John shared about, “looking forward to the wild adventures to come.”

Later he concluded his caption with, “This is not a goodbye! Just see you soon…” 

These comments from John could indicate that he’s not completely done being associated with The Bachelor franchise. Perhaps he could have a surprise appearance this summer on Bachelor in Paradise or maybe even be a serious contender for The Bachelor lead.

There’s plenty of ways John could remain involved with the series, making it highly likely that we have not seen the last of John Hersey.

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC

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