The Bachelorette: How tall is Thomas Jacobs? Viewers notice that he towers over Katie Thurston

Thomas Jacobs and Katie Thurston film for The Bachelorette
Bachelorette viewers think Katie Thurston may have kept Thomas Jacobs for so long because of his impressive height. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelorette viewers may have been torn on the Thomas drama but they can all agree on one thing: Thomas is super tall.

Viewers noticed how much he towered over Bachelorette lead Katie Thurston during their intense conversation about whether he was there for the right reasons.

While Thomas was intent on proving that he was there for Katie and not just to be the next Bachelor, some fans could only focus on how tall he is.

Bachelor Nation took to Twitter to express their shock over Thomas and Katie’s height difference.

Viewers debated whether Thomas was extra tall or Katie was short.

“Just trying to figure out whether Thomas is super tall or Katie is super short [thinking emoji] never noticed that huge height difference til just now lmao,” one viewer wrote.

Fans tweet about Thomas Jacob's height.
Pic credit: xoxoxoitssam/Twitter

Another user stated that they thought Thomas was the tall one, writing, “I didn’t realize Thomas was so tall until he hugged Katie.”

Fans tweet about Thomas Jacob's height.
Pic credit: @laynelee12/Twitter

Another viewer swooned over Thomas’s height.

“I didn’t realize how tall Thomas was,” the fan wrote along with a swooning gif.

Bachelorette viewers realized that his height may have been impacting Katie’s decision making. It was clear that Katie was struggling with whether to trust Thomas or the men who said he was here for the wrong reasons.

Not only was Tom persuasive, or as the other men in the house called him, manipulative, fans think Katie was so attracted to him that it impacted her decision-making abilities– especially when it came to his height.

“Does Katie actually like Thomas or is he just tall,” one fan asked.

Another user tried to motivate Katie to think with her head rather than her eyes, writing, “@katiethurston Don’t get distracted because Thomas is tall HE DID NOT ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONS.”

A third Twitter user admitted that they were also under Thomas’s spell due to his impressive height.

How Tall is Thomas?

This brings up the question that every Bachelorette fan wants to know the answer to: How tall is Thomas?

Thomas played basketball in college, as his height was clearly an asset, and his statistics page for the University of San Diego states that Thomas is a whopping 6’6″

This means he stands a whole foot taller than Katie who is 5’6″.

For the viewers who were wondering if Katie was just really short, that isn’t the case as she is above the average female height of 5’4″.

Thomas is just especially tall as the average height for males is 5’9″.

Katie ultimately saw past his height

Katie seemed pretty torn about whether to send Thomas home. So much so that viewers didn’t know whether she’d give him a rose at the rose ceremony.

When Katie called Thomas’s name, viewers and his fellow contestants alike thought this meant she was giving him a rose.

However, after he walked up to receive his rose, she told him off. She called him out for being a liar and told him his “audition for The Bachelor is over.”

The Bachelorette airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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