The Bachelorette: Thomas decides to ‘confront’ Katie Thurston following accusations of being there for the wrong reasons

Thomas Jacobs films for The Bachelorette
Thomas Jacobs confronts Katie Thurston. Pic credit: ABC

The Thomas drama continues on The Bachelorette as he chooses to confront Katie Thurston following claims that he’s not there for the right reasons.

During last week’s emotional episode, many of the men shared deeply personal secrets and moments from their past.

However, Thomas instead revealed that he initially came on The Bachelorette to boost his following and the hope that he could become the next Bachelor.

He tried to argue that he has since developed feelings and is there to pursue Katie, but his fellow Bachelorette contestants aren’t buying it.

Following the emotional group date hosted by Nick Viall, Thomas has become a target for the other men in the house and has confronted him over it.

It seems that Thomas has had enough of the trash talk and decided to “confront” Katie to get to the bottom of the issue once and for all.

Thomas sneaks out to ‘confront’ Katie

During this week’s episode of The Bachelorette, Katie’s contestants continue to vent about Thomas.

Tre still has his suspicions about Thomas and expresses, “You don’t go from wanting to be the Bachelor to falling in love with the Bachelorette.”

Meanwhile, Hunter complains about how Thomas stirred up drama that has been “domineering the entire week.”

The men felt so free to talk about their suspicions of Thomas because he was missing from the conversation. This leads the men to wonder what he might be up to.

“I’d be surprised if he wasn’t already talking to her tonight,” Christian says.

“No sign of Katie, no sign of Thomas,” James comments. “I’m just hoping we don’t let Thomas completely derail everyone’s potential time with her.”

Thomas then shares in a confessional that he is indeed headed to talk to Katie to defend himself.

“They are rallying war cries of inauthenticity and [saying,] ‘He’s manipulative,'” Thomas says of the men. “The best way to handle this situation is just to confront Katie. ‘Cause if I don’t have this conversation, it shows subconsciously I believe it to be true.”

This comes after he admitted the other men were “getting to him.” The clip ends with Tom knocking on Katie’s door.

Thomas appears to be The Bachelorette’s next villain

After last week’s episode, it is apparent that Thomas has become the show’s next villain among his fellow contestants and fans alike.

The show’s first, short-lived villain was Karl Smith.

His fellow contestants were put off by his mouthy ways and continued to grow distasteful with his crude sexual presentation on a group date.

He ultimately angered the men when he told Katie some men weren’t there for the right reasons without having any proof.

However, Karl may have been right, as the show’s next villain, Thomas, has outted himself for coming onto the show with the wrong intentions.

Viewers will have to watch to see if Thomas is able to redeem himself.

The Bachelorette airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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