The Bachelorette fans react to Olumide and Michelle’s emotional conversation about Black women

Olumide wears a gree tee
Michelle Young and Olumide Onajide had Bachelor Nation tearing up during their heartfelt conversation. Pic credit: ABC

Michelle Young has often emphasized vulnerability as the leading lady of The Bachelorette and her recent conversation with Olumide Onajide certainly exemplified vulnerability. 

After Michelle’s disappointing group date, she had to address her hurt with the men and it deeply moved Olumide to the point of tears. 

Michelle and Olumide’s honest conversation struck a chord with Bachelor Nation and had many fans of The Bachelorette admitting to shedding tears too. 

Olumide Onajide addresses what Michelle Young faces as a Black woman 

Just last week, Michelle Young touched the hearts of her men and The Bachelorette viewers when she shared a heartfelt poem about being the token Black girl and often feeling unseen.

However, despite the men’s awareness of Michelle’s past wounds, many of them still completely overlooked Michelle while on their slumber party-inspired group date. 

The men were so caught up in their own fun to the point that Michelle had to call men over to even interact with her which led to the men facing criticism from The Bachelorette viewers. 

Michelle shared her hurt with the men later that day and Olumide was deeply impacted and shed tears over the way he contributed to making a Black woman feel unaccepted, especially because he has Black sisters. 

In a confessional, Olumide shared, “I feel her pain, having four sisters and seeing what they went through growing up. What she faced as a Black woman not feeling accepted, not feeling beautiful, it made me feel what she felt.” 

During his alone time with Michelle, Olumide vulnerably opened up about how her words reminded him of his sisters who also felt isolated and unloved growing up.

Olu expressed that, as the male figure in his sisters’ life, he’d often be the one to uplift them. He reminded them that they’re beautiful and that they could do anything. He told them that the right guy would come into their life. 

Michelle and Olu both shed tears in the conversation as Olu emphasized, “I feel you, I hear you, everything you’re doing now shows that you’re a strong woman. I appreciate you. I really do.”

The conversation clearly meant a lot to Michelle and she felt it was a powerful conversation for them to have, especially for Olu to show emotion as a Black man who is often expected to always be tough. 

The Bachelorette viewers react to Olu and Michelle’s important conversation 

Michelle and Olu weren’t the only ones crying during their heartfelt conversation. Many of The Bachelorette fans were touched and brought to tears by the chat and voiced how moments like these are so important, especially for healthy minority representation and awareness. 

One commenter expressed that they’ll never forget Michelle and Olumide’s conversation and it had them sobbing.

Another The Bachelorette viewer acknowledged that all of Bachelor Nation felt the pain and emotion from Olu and Michelle’s chat. 

One fan praised the beautiful conversation between a Black man and a Black woman and declared that it was “probably the best thing I’ve seen on this show in a long while.” 

Olu certainly stole the hearts of Bachelor Nation after the latest episode and some even want him to become the next lead on The Bachelor after he displayed some serious heart. 

It was certainly refreshing seeing Michelle and Olu connect and not shy away from addressing the very real and relatable experiences that many Black women face. Hopefully, the important conversations continue this season. 

The Bachelorette airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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