The Bachelorette: fans praise Michelle Young for her vulnerable poem about being the ‘token black girl’

Michelle Young films for The Bachelorette
The Bachelorette star Michelle Young received praise for her “inspiring” poem about her struggles dating in high school. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelorette star Michelle Young wowed viewers with her poem about the struggles of her high school days.

During a group date, the contestants were prompted to write poems that gave insight into their pasts and how it has shaped who they are today.

Michelle has been upfront with her men so far and continued to do so during the group date.

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Michelle opted to partake in the challenge and read a poem about how she was regarded as the “token black girl” at her school.

She claimed that she always got invited to parties and had friends so long as she followed the “basic white trends” but struggled when it came to dating.

She stated she was always “the girl picked last for prom but the first for basketball.”

She said she blamed it on being a “late bloomer” but then realized that dating was difficult because “white connected with white” at her school.

Michelle’s vulnerability paid off as she got a standing ovation from her men and endless praise from The Bachelorette viewers.

Michelle’s poem is a big hit for The Bachelorette viewers

The Bachelorette viewers applauded Michelle for her vulnerable poem.

“Anyone else crying over Michelle’s poem? No? Just me?” One user asked.

Certainly not. It seems there was not a dry eye in the house or in front of TV screens after Michelle read her poem.

Others expressed that they felt inspired by her poem and were impressed by her ability.

“Michelle’s poem is inspiring. She deserves everything,” one viewer tweeted.

Another viewer expressed why it’s refreshing to hear the lead talk about having a flawed past and their realistic outlook on love.

“Michelle out here being the realest human to appear on this franchise talking about real life and not pretending life is a fairytale,” they tweeted.

Michelle’s speech was relatable to The Bachelorette viewers

Michelle’s speech not only gave perspective on her background but spoke to other viewers who can relate to being the “token black girl.”

One fan account tweeted, “Michelle is speaking for so many Black women and girls right now.”

Other users shared their experiences and expressed how they felt seen by Michelle and her poem.

“Michelle’s speech is really relatable to me. Meant a lot,” one user wrote.

Another tweeted, “Me listening to Michelle’s poem after living in Connecticut for 4 years.”

It’s safe to see that whether viewers could relate to Michelle’s poem or not, they appreciated it and found it inspiring.

After hearing Michelle’s past dating struggles, viewers are rooting for Michelle to find love now more than ever.

The Bachelorette airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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