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The Bachelorette fans blast Rachel Lindsay for going hard on Brendan Morais after self-elimination

Rachel Lindsay
Fans go hard on Rachel Lindsay after an interview with Brendan Morais. Pic credit: ABC

The former Bachelorette star Rachel Lindsay is speaking out about this current season of the show.

Like everyone else, she’s watching every week and drawing her conclusions based on her own experiences on the show.

So, when Brendan decided to self-eliminate this week, Rachel had something to say about it.

He was a guest on her podcast, Bachelor Happy Hour, this week and while she was asking some tough questions, it appears fans thought she was being a bit too tough.

Rachel Lindsay puts Brendan Morais on the spot

To refresh, Brendan decided to self-eliminate after he realized he was not ready for marriage. However, the show is about finding your partner and the show does end in an engagement.

Rachel clearly wanted answers and she was being direct. In fact, she was so direct that a Bachelor fan account shared a thought about fans’ reactions towards Rachel.

“Wow so many people coming at Rachel. She was right to ask him the tough questions. Everyone knows The Bachelorette is about getting engaged – it’s up to the contestants to make sure they are ready for that before signing up for the show,” the account shared in a screenshot from the episode.

“I understand you don’t know until you’re in the position, but make sure you are ready for a serious relationship before you are put in that positive, IMHO.”

Rachel Lindsay
Pic credit: @bachelornation.scoop/Instagram

Later on yesterday, the account came back to continue addressing the issue, sharing that Brendan had originally come on for Clare Crawley, who was even more set on finding a husband and starting a family.

There is also a question of whether Brendan was just staying on the show for the sake of fame, as he’s a model and probably enjoys the attention.

“Not to pile on, but also just to point out – he originally came on for Clare…she’s 39 and ready to settle down. He didn’t do any self-reflection to see if he was ready for that before coming on the show?” the account added in a second screenshot.

“Bottom line, his feelings weren’t strong enough for Tayshia, which OK, but he had to have known sooner and he strung her along a bit and lasted to get a bit of attention.”

Rachel Lindsay
Pic credit: @bachelornation.scoop/Instagram

You can listen to the entire episode here and judge for yourself. The episode can be found on Apple’s iTunes.

Rachel Lindsay is no stranger to being tough on people

Rachel is no stranger to being vocal, as she doesn’t hold back if she feels that criticism is justified.

She was quick to slams Tayshia’s take on cheaters on The Bachelorette, as Tayshia mentioned that once someone is a cheater, they are always a cheater. Rachel admitted that she herself had cheated on someone before, but she didn’t see herself as a cheater now.

Fans have also been vocal about Rachels’ role in Becca’s split with Garrett, as fans thought she was too involved in the split. She has been supportive of Becca since the split, ensuring that she’s in a better place now.

Becca hasn’t confirmed whether Rachel played a role in her decision to end her engagement to Garrett.

The Bachelor premieres Monday, January 4, at 8/7c on ABC.

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