Bachelor Nation lashes out at Rachel Lindsay, blame The Bachelorette star for Becca Kufrin and Garrett Yrigoyen’s split

Rachel Lindsay
Rachel Lindsay is being blamed for Becca and Garrett’s split. Pic credit: ABC

Rachel Lindsay became the first person of color to lead a show in the Bachelor franchise when she was The Bachelorette back in 2017. Matt James will become the first black lead of The Bachelor when his season premieres in 2021.

For years, Rachel has been outspoken about the bullying and racial issues that come with being on the show.

Now, she’s getting the blame for breaking up Becca Kufrin and Garrett Yrigoyen. While the couple has not confirmed their supposed split, fans are all but certain that they were done.

And Bachelor Nation believes Rachel is behind it all.

Rachel Lindsay is being blamed for Becca and Garrett’s split

It’s no secret that Rachel has been vocal about her dislike for Garrett. After he posted “All lives matter” in response to the Black Lives Matter movement, Rachel expressed her disappointment.

Becca appeared to be caught in the middle. She was engaged to Garrett and defended him, saying he was a good person. But Becca also hosted the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast with Rachel and understood her perspective on the issue.

Now that there are reports of Becca and Garrett splitting up, Rachel is being blamed for sparking problems between the pair.

One fan wrote on Twitter that she believes that Garrett did nothing wrong and that Becca was bullied into ending the relationship, a sentiment that has been echoed by other fans.

Becca Kufrin split
Pic credit: @haypolley_/Twitter

Some pointed out that Rachel had called Garrett a “POS.” Others noted that Rachel seems intolerant of views that differ from her own.

Becca Kufrin split
Pic credit: @jjuliemodis/Twitter

A user named McGinn shared their thoughts on the issue, saying that Becca caved to “mean and bitter” Rachel. The user also speculated that Becca probably did it over money and chose her podcast and income over Garrett.

Becca Kufrin split
Pic credit: @colpotsapete/Twitter

Becca did defend Garrett from Rachel’s initial accusations of not supporting Black Lives Matter by saying that Garrett lost someone close to him through gun violence. According to Becca, Garrett was trying to pay respect to his friend, not start a fight.

Becca Kufrin split
Pic credit: @jessicaaking13/Twitter

One Twitter user questioned whether Rachel had ever said anything nice about anyone.

Rachel Lindsay isn’t being blamed as the source who leaked the news

People aren’t blaming Rachel for leaking the news about the split. A source did come forward saying that Garrett and Becca were done, but Reality Steve had another guess about who it was.

He believes that Garrett himself may have contributed to the story, adding that Becca’s “interesting source” comment was a dig at Garrett.

Becca and Garrett
Reality Steve weighs in on Becca and Garrett’s breakup. Pic credit: @RealitySteve/Twitter

The “interesting source” comment that Steve is referring to surfaced after the news that Becca and Garrett were done. Becca made a statement asking the news outlet to check their sources after rumors were published about the couple breaking up.

However, she didn’t officially confirm or deny the split.

A few months ago, Becca revealed that she had been tested in her relationship after Garrett’s comments were criticized by Rachel. She claimed that while she loved Garrett and understood his views, she couldn’t align herself with them.

The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons — Ever airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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Patricia McKelvy
Patricia McKelvy
3 years ago

This story is infuriating. Why is Rachel’s opinion the only one that matter? There are just as many people on both sides. A good friend would never call someone else’s fiance a POS just because of a difference of opinion. Rachel is why out of line!

Suzanne Gumpl
Suzanne Gumpl
3 years ago

Rachel has let her so called fame to go to her head. He did nothing wrong except have a different opinion than hers. I hope that this was not the reason they broke up. Rachel is using her platform to bully people.