Becca Kufrin says she and Garrett Yrigoyen spent holiday weekend apart, says she’s been ‘tested’

Becca Kufrin
Becca Kufrin reveals she’s been tested over the past few months. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelorette star Becca Kufrin was preparing to spend her quarantine at home with Garrett Yrigoyen, happy as can be.

However, when the death of George Floyd sparked a nationwide debate about white privilege, police brutality and black lives being lost at the hands of white officers, things took a turn.

Becca’s fiance Garrett posted that all lives matter as a way of saying that everyone is important.

Becca was left having to defend his stance, as he had lost a friend to such violence. As she has previously revealed, Garrett’s friend was shot in the head.

Now, she reveals that she’s been tested in so many ways over the past couple of months, as she was confronted by Rachel Lindsay over Garrett’s views, leaving her confused.

Becca Kufrin reveals she’s been ‘tested’ these past few months

She spoke out about it on her podcast, where she revealed that 2020 had been a trying year for a lot of people, including herself.

“I mean 2020 for me personally — and I think for a lot of people in not only our country but our world — it’s testing us and there are so many different factors,” Becca revealed on the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast.

“COVID is still a thing and because everything else that’s taking place is at the forefront, sometimes I forget, like, ‘Oh, my God. We’re living through a quarantine and this shutdown and people are dying.’ Like, there’s so much going on in this year.”

She also explains that she has a different mindset now compared to where things once were. As she reflected on her life just a couple of months ago, she explains that she realizes she’s been tested and she’s learning a lot of new things about herself.

“It was easy sailing and now I look back just to a couple of months ago and I feel like I was at a totally different place in my life, like, a completely different mindset,” Becca revealed, adding, “With everything happening, I feel like I’m being tested.”

Becca continued, “I’m learning a lot more about myself and my friends and my family and just having new conversations that I’ve never had before in my life. And so yeah, good days, bad days, thank god for [my dog] Minno because she keeps me sane. She is like my therapy pet.”

She had previously revealed that while she loves Garrett to his core and believes he’s a good person, she doesn’t align herself with what he’s been posting on social media. She also revealed that she’s trying to show him the bigger picture.

Becca Kufrin isn’t planning on leaving Garrett Yrigoyen

Even though she said that she doesn’t agree with his views, Becca appears to have no plans of leaving Garrett. In fact, she recently denied that she was contemplating ending their engagement.

Becca and Garrett didn’t spend the 4th of July together but it wasn’t necessarily due to their differing views. Instead, he went to visit some family. She went on a trip with their dog, Minno.

Becca had previously distanced herself from Garrett’s views, saying that she – in no way – felt the same way. At the time, Rachel dug deep into Becca’s thoughts and it got a little tense. Fans questioned whether this was enough to break Becca’s relationship with Garrett.

But when fans asked Becca if she was contemplating leaving Garrett, she denied it. Even though they spent the 4th of July weekend together, it seems that they are still happy and going strong.

The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons — Ever airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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