The Bachelor: Who goes first on Fantasy Suites and why does she apologize to the other women?

Rachel Recchia, Gabby Windey, and Susie Evans
Rachel Recchia has a vague message for the other women after returning from her date. Pic credit: ABC

A new preview gives an inside look into the notorious Fantasy Suite episode airing this Tuesday.

The clip shows Clayton Echard’s final women struggling in the wake of his first overnight date as front-runner Rachel Recchia returns with an ominous message for the other two.

The Bachelor’s Rachel Recchia has a vague message for the women after her Fantasy Suite date

Rachel appears to be first up on the overnight dates, leaving Gabby Windey and Susie Evans anxiously awaiting her return as they worry about what the couple could be doing.

“No one knows what’s going on behind closed doors at this point, so it’s like, to assume – it makes it worse for yourself,” Susie tells Gabby as the latter agrees.

The two women’s conversation is interrupted as Rachel returns from her Fantasy Suite date grinning ear to ear.

Rachel keeps her recollection of the night short, revealing only that she and Clayton had visited a cave inside a volcano. The atmosphere is noticeably tense as the three sit in awkward silence.

“I know this is really awkward and I respect you guys so much,” Rachel says. “I’m really sorry in advance. I think it’s just gonna be a tough week for all of us having to, you know, see all of us come home.”

Susie Evans cries after Rachel Recchia returns from her Fantasy Suite date

Susie appears to struggle with Rachel’s warning and is seen crying in her confessional.

“I do have, like you know, high hopes,” she says. “It just feels like too good to be true.”

Susie also worries about how the overnight could have strengthened Clayton and Rachel’s relationship. She theorizes that the two could have slept together or even told each other that they loved one another.

The contestant is noticeably disheartened as she watches Rachel return from the first overnight date.

Clayton Echard expects backlash from the Fantasy Suite episode

The episode is sure to feature many more ups and downs as Clayton navigates his final relationships.

Fans are expecting the worst after previews show Clayton declaring to the women that he was in love with all three of them. Viewers are also predicting that Susie will continue to struggle so badly that she may self-eliminate.

Clayton himself is reportedly reaching out for support ahead of the episode airing as he expects fan reactions to intensify.   

The Bachelor Fantasy Suite date episode airs on Tuesday, March 8 at 8/7c on ABC.

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