Clayton Echard is preparing for major blowback from The Bachelor viewers as Fantasy Suites approaches

Clayton Echard
Clayton Echard is concerned with how fans will react after the Fantasy Suite dates air. Pic credit: ABC

Bachelor viewers have been slamming Clayton Echard’s decisions all season long, and it appears it only gets worse from here.

Clayton is reportedly reaching out to former The Bachelor leads Matt James and Nick Viall for support as he anticipates major backlash from the Fantasy Suite dates.

The Bachelor’s Clayton Echard reportedly thinks fan backlash will get worse after Fantasy Suites

“Clayton is really struggling with the criticism he has taken for the decisions he has made on the show,” a source close to production revealed to E! News. “He knows things could get worse for him over the next few weeks as fantasy suites come into play.”

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The Bachelor made headlines earlier this season by declaring in a rose ceremony that he was in love with three women and slept with two of them.

It appears this clip was only the start of the drama in Clayton’s final few episodes. The source revealed Clayton is concerned with the potential fallout of his explosive declaration.

He is also reportedly reaching out to Matt James and Nick Viall for advice on how to handle the upcoming Fantasy Suite episode and any fan reactions.

Clayton Echard’s decisions lead to several broken hearts on The Bachelor

“Clayton does indeed fall in love with multiple women,” the source said. “And many hearts are broken in ways we have really never seen before.”

It is also unclear at this point if Clayton even got his happy ending after all of the drama.

The final two women appeared devastated in clips of Clayton revealing he’d slept with them both. Former The Bachelor lead Peter Weber even predicted Clayton’s final choice would walk away as a result.

A Bachelor producer also fueled the rumors by tweeting that the season is “spoiler-proof” as it still isn’t over.

The Bachelor fans call Clayton Echard out for keeping villain Shanae Ankney

Fantasy Suites are far from the first time Clayton has been criticized by Bachelor Nation for his decisions on the show.

Viewers were furious after Clayton chose to keep villain Shanae Ankney over Elizabeth Corrigan.

His apology to Elizabeth was then called into question as contestant Lyndsey Windham claimed he knew more than he let on about Shanae’s actions.

Clayton recently opened up about regretting becoming The Bachelor after it aired because of the intense backlash from fans.

Although Clayton said he’s gotten used to the hate messages, it appears whatever fans will see in the upcoming weeks is controversial enough to make The Bachelor expect the worst.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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1 year ago

The whole show is cruel. Producers don’t care about contestants feelings. The more controversial the better. All about ratings.