The Bachelor viewers can’t believe Clayton picked Shanae over Elizabeth — Here are the best reactions

Shanae, Clayton, and Elizabeth
Shanae Ankney, Clayton Echard, and Elizabeth Corrigan hashing it out on the latest episode of The Bachelor. Pic credit: ABC

We all knew at some point that this would happen: the showdown between Shanae Ankney and Elizabeth Corrigan.

Usually, this season’s Bachelor, Clayton Echard is quite happy to be sitting in between two beautiful women, except for when the claws come out.

Shanae Ankney and Elizabeth Corrigan face off in front Clayton Echard

Ironically, it was Elizabeth that took the high road in this situation and it didn’t work out for her at all, as she ended up going home on this week’s episode.

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Elizabeth’s quiet composure and gentle questions were overpowered by Shanae’s loud argumentative nature, and, frankly, the entire Bachelor Nation is shocked that Clayton chose Shanae. Elizabeth even held her composure together and gave Clayton a respectful goodbye as she left which goes to show that she is indeed the bigger person.

Surprisingly, the argument between ladies didn’t seem to go anywhere OR be about anything remotely important. The majority of air time went to talking about whether or not Elizabeth was in the hot tub when Shanae was offering shrimp to the girls.

Arguing about the whereabouts of a person and a hot tub seems like an odd choice of topic to take up precious Bachelor moments, but Shanae was ALL for it. Their interaction didn’t last long as the women kept going in circles and tension just continued to grow and grow, so it’s no wonder why Clayton got up and left the conversation.

Based on Clayton’s prior poor taste in women, like with Cassidy Timbrooks, it’s safe to assume that he is still getting the hang of dating so many women at once. Plus, he does get limited time with each lady, so if all he see’s is the glowing girl and not the mean girl, it is understandable he doesn’t have all the facts before making an authentic judgment.

This argument between Shanae and Elizabeth is not out of left field. There’s been some tension bubbling in Bachelor Mansion since Shanae and Elizabeth first threw down earlier this season.

After Shanae’s personal attack on Elizabeth’s ADHD, it was clear she was not looking to make friends in the house or take the time to understand the depths of mental health/ psychological disorders.

Once other women found out what was said between both Shanae and Elizabeth, the women immediately backed up Elizabeth and were appalled that Shanae had the audacity to make such a personal, uncalled-for comment.

From the attack on Elizabeth’s diagnosis to the shrimp fiasco- there honestly are not enough words to describe the travesty that is the shrimp fiasco- Shanae refuses to back off as the house villain. Even after Elizabeth is sent home, Shanae cannot help but stir the pot even more as she crashes the winning teams’ group date with Clayton to steal the spotlight for herself.

Fans are SHOCKED at Clayton Echard’s elimination of Elizabeth Corrigan

There are two things that Clayton took very seriously after his conversation between Shanae and Elizabeth: first, shrimp and hot tubs are off the table for topics of conversation, and second, Shanae is in fact being bullied.

Are either of these conclusions helpful to his situation? Fans weigh in with their opinions on the shocking series of events that led to Elizabeth being eliminated and Shanae getting absolutely crushed on the football field.

After all the drama there is one good thing that came out of tonight’s episode: fan reactions. Buckle up and get ready to chuckle.

Here’s some of the best fan reactions about Shanae Ankney:

“Shanae crying to Clayton about being bullied.”

“Every time I see Shanae on my screen.”

“I would be pissed if I were up against a team with a whole a** OLYMPIAN on it but because Shanae’s team lost…”

“Shanae ? Covid-19… toxic virus that won’t go away.”

“Shanae showing up to the group date lmfao.”

“The only thing in Shanae’s brain.”

“Shanae after crying to Clayton about Elizabeth.”

“Shanae when women are supporting women and being kind to one another.”

“Shanae is a lil psycho.”

It’s obvious that fans are not holding back their thoughts as they are hanging Shanae out to dry. Let’s face it- it comes to no surprise that fans are destroying her on social media- it was quite the surprising series of events on this week’s episode. But what do fans think of Clayton?

Here’s some of the best fan reactions about Clayton Echard:

“…Not hard to see through a person and you are just not it.”

“Claytons new uniform when he picks Shanae at the end.”

“All of Shanae’s red flags blatantly being brought to Clayton’s.”

“Clayton when he watches the episode and sees how Shanae really is.”

“Clayton watching the tape back after sending Elizabeth home and keeping Shanae like…”

“The ring Clayton will use to propose to Shanae.”

“Producers telling Clayton to pick Shanae.”

“Who would fall for Shanae’s fake victim act?”

Unfortunately at this point in the show, the viewers get to see a lot more of Shanae than Clayton does. This means that he does not see everything that goes on in the house and group dates.

Next week the truth will come out as Shanae goes on a 2-on-1 date with Genevieve Parisi and only one lady comes back. Let’s just hope that Clayton has enough information by the end of the date to make a decision that is in his best interest.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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