The Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss made his historic announcement: What was it?

Mike Fleiss
Mike Fleiss reveals the historic announcement. Pic credit: ©

Just two days ago, Mike Fleiss, creator of The Bachelor, took to his Twitter account to say that there would be a historic announcement made soon.

Then yesterday, he told Bachelor Nation it would come at some point during last night’s aired episode, but he didn’t make clear if it would be announced on the actual show at the end, or if he would be the one to announce it via Twitter.

As promised, Mike again took to Twitter about halfway through last night’s show to reveal what this historic announcement was.

What was the surprise historic announcement that Mike Fleiss promised?

Mike let fans know that the surprise they had been waiting for was none other than not knowing how the season will end.

Fans had been going crazy trying to figure out how the show was about to make history the past couple of days, and this seemed, to them, a bit of a letdown.

In Mike’s tweet, he wrote: “Major Historic Announcement! This season’s finale of #TheBachelorABC is totally spoiler-proof. No one knows how it will end, cuz it ain’t over til it’s over! And it ain’t over…”

Mike Fleiss tweet
Pic credit: @fleissmeister/Twitter

While this leads fans to believe that the aired show will end on a cliff-hanger, and maybe won’t come to a conclusion until After The Final Rose, some fans were not happy to hear that this was the “historic” announcement they had been waiting for.

Some fans were unhappy with Mike Fleiss’s vague tweet and thought it actually non-historic

Many of those fans took to Twitter in response to Mike’s announcement and said just how they really felt, too.

One such fan wrote, “Oh please! All this means is he changed his mind about who he picked & is now pursuing one of the other girls OR he ended up w no one at the end & is now seeing one of them post filming. Big deal. That’s nothing new or interesting.”

Pic credit: @RandomThought66/Twitter

Another fan came back with the fact that if this is the case, it wouldn’t be historic at all because other seasons have ended this way.

They wrote, “It’s like they think we forgot about Brad not choosing anyone, Jason dumping Melissa and taking Molly back, Ari dumping Becca & taking Lauren back, Peter choosing Hannah as a last resort, then dumping her and taking Madi, then Kelly, Claire being in love and engaged day 2.”

It seems as though some fans are upset by Mike’s use of the word historic and the fact that if something like this does happen with Clayton, according to them, it wouldn’t be historic at all.

Predictions by Bachelor Nation fans

Other fans took to Mike’s tweet to come up with their own thoughts and ideas on what could possibly happen at the end of the season.

One viewer stated their claim, “My prediction: Him being in love with the Final 3 & sleeping with 2 of them upset his final pick (guessing it is Rachael), and there isn’t an engagement at the end. We will see at the ATFR will/did Rachael forgive him and take him back.”

Another fan tweet
Pic credit: @Miz_DeeDs/Twitter

Another viewer went even more dramatic with their prediction of what might happen at the end of the season, and with Clayton and the women.

He wrote, “Maybe he picked one person and after the finale, he figured out that one of the other 3 is pregnant and decides to be with her instead…”

Fan tweet
Pic credit: @griffin_rees/Twitter

How will the season end, and who will Clayton end up with?

Viewers and fans will continue to make guesses and contemplate what Mike’s message could mean as the season continues to air. Only time will tell if any of these guesses are correct, or if it ends like another season in the past has.

The furthest Spoiler Steve has gotten so far on this season is who the final 3 women are. One thing is for sure…we still don’t know what the historic announcement really is.

The Bachelor airs Mondays 8/7c on ABC.

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2 years ago

It would be historic if they had a truly plus size bachelorette! Still hot bachelors and exotic places… and a proposal, of course!