The Bachelor star Matt James brings attention to ALS after his date with Sarah

Matt and Sarah ALS
Matt James uses The Bachelor platform to call attention to ALS research. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor fans have fallen in love with Matt James.

They believe he’s a genuine man who sees the best in people and that he’s on the show to find love, not fame.

After this week’s episode where Matt had a date with Sarah, fans felt that their intuition was right about him, as he offered to do whatever he could for Sarah to make her time on The Bachelor easier.

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The reason for his statement was that Sarah opened up about her father being diagnosed with ALS.

She was his primary caretaker and she was taking time away from him to pursue a loving relationship for herself.

Matt revealed that he was honored that she was so open with him and felt very lucky that she was focusing on him instead of being home with her father.

Matt James brings attention to ALS on his social media

During Monday’s episode, Matt wasn’t very active on social media.

But he did share one thing that showed viewers just how great of a guy he is.

As his date with Sarah aired, he shared a link to the ALS Association, sharing a definition of ALS.

“ALS is a progressive neurodegenerative disease and we need your help to find a cure,” read the picture he shared.

Matt added a donate button, allowing his fans to donate to ALS research to help for education and a possible cure.

ALS Matt James
Pic credit: @mattjames919/Instagram

Matt and Sarah talked about how there is no cure for ALS and how life expectancy is between two and five years upon a diagnosis.

Matt James doesn’t want to deal with petty drama

This date was an emotional and real one. It dealt with real emotions and real-life events.

This was something that Matt wanted from going on The Bachelor. He wants someone who can be real and honest with him.

He has revealed that he doesn’t want drama from the show and he doesn’t want to deal with petty gossip with the women on the show.

Matt may just be one of the most mature Bachelor leads that we’ve seen. For example, he’s fighting for social issues and uses his platform to speak up for what is right.

Matt recently campaigned for people to do more and address the hypocrisy after the riots in Washington last week. He wants to do what is right, not wait for the next available spot on Dancing With The Stars.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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