Matt James doesn’t want the most dramatic season of The Bachelor: ‘I run from drama’

Matt James
Matt James says he’s not into the drama. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor star Matt James is currently the most desired Bachelor lead in a while.

After Peter Weber’s fail of a season last year, Matt can only impress by following his heart.

Even though Matt doesn’t have any experience in The Bachelor franchise, he’s quickly learning that drama is the essence of The Bachelor.

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In the first episode, fans met Victoria, who was very self-centered and called herself a queen.

She made a scene during tonight’s episode because she was picked for a group date. And, she’s already making headlines for being the most annoying contestant this season.

So, why is Matt keeping her around?

Matt James doesn’t like the drama on the show

As it turns out, the pointless drama is not something that he enjoys – especially if it is about him. In a new interview with Access, Matt says he hopes his season is not “the most dramatic season ever.”

“They were smart, funny, everything that I was looking for was there,” Matt explained of the women who showed up for him.

But when he was asked whether this was indeed the most dramatic season ever, Matt wasn’t into it. In fact, he doesn’t want any drama at all, which goes against The Bachelor narrative.

“I hope not,” Matt pointed out. “I don’t want there to be any drama, I run from drama. But when you have a bunch of people who are trying to date one person, it’s inevitable.”

Matt James Never 'Felt' True Love Before 'Bachelor'

Matt James may be too mature for The Bachelor

Matt isn’t the first Bachelor star who isn’t into the drama, but he seems like he’s on the show for the right reasons.

In fact, Matt may be too mature for The Bachelor, because he doesn’t want to waste his time on relationships that don’t work for him. He’s not into wasting time and he has already sent home women he didn’t think were a match for him.

Hannah Brown has revealed that Bachelor Nation is lucky to have Matt as The Bachelor, as they have become great friends.

Plus, Matt’s focus appears to be on important things, and not on whether he’ll be offered the next available spot on Dancing With the Stars.

Matt recently spoke out about the political turmoil in the country, telling his followers that people need to speak up and let their thoughts be known. He also called for change after the riots that took place in Washington, D.C. last week.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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