Hannah Brown says Bachelor Nation is lucky to have Matt James as The Bachelor lead

Hannah Brown
Hannah Brown says Bachelor Nation is lucky to have Matt James. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelorette star Hannah Brown is speaking out about her friend Matt James, who was chosen as The Bachelor lead for the 2021 season.

Even though the two didn’t really know each other until the 2020 quarantine, they have become great friends.

Hannah and Matt met because of her relationship with Matt’s best friend Tyler Cameron.

The three were in quarantine together as part of the Quarantine Crew, where Hannah and Matt ended up becoming good friends.

If you ask Hannah, she would say that they are best friends.

Hannah Brown says people are lucky to have Matt James

She was thrilled when Matt was announced as the next Bachelor and she was so excited to see his journey on ABC.

Now that his season has premiered, Hannah wanted to say some nice things about Matt to cheer him on. And she believes that the world is lucky to see Matt on the show.

“Matt James, Bachelor Nation is so lucky to be able to experience all the love, joy and goodness that you are. So thankful to call you a friend and to watch your journey to find love unfold. These girls better bring you more laughs than tears…and if not, the Beast (rawr) always has your back! Oh, and cheers to love,” Hannah revealed on her Instagram post, celebrating the premiere episode of The Bachelor.


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Hannah may have gone to Pennsylvania to be with Matt and help him out with decisions. Tyler is also rumored to have filmed the show alongside his friend.

Hannah Brown may not get back together with Tyler Cameron

When Matt was announced as The Bachelor, many people thought that Hannah should have gone on the show to pursue Matt. They thought they would be a great couple, even though Hannah almost got engaged to Matt’s best friend Tyler.

But there are some Bachelor Nation fans who believe that Hannah and Tyler will get back together at some point.

Matt was recently asked about Hannah and Tyler and he said he had no idea about the two of them and people would have to wait and see. Tyler was recently spotted with model Camila Kendra, so he appears to be dating.

Hannah has revealed she’s dating again as well and has even seen a matchmaker.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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