The Bachelor ratings up for Matt James’ season finale, AFTR despite Chris Harrison fan boycott

Emmanuel Acho, Michelle Young and Matt James film ATFR.
Ratings continue to increase for The Bachelor despite Chris Harrison’s absence.

While Bachelor Nation has been split on whether Chris Harrison’s time on The Bachelor is up, new data proves that the franchise can keep up ratings without him.

Chris Harrison stepped down from his hosting role at The Bachelor after he played a role in the racism in The Bachelor racism controversy.

Chris willingly stepped down from hosting Matt James’s After the Final Rose special, and Emmanuel Acho took his place. Harrison also won’t be hosting The Bachelorette in favor of Tayshia Adams and Kaitlyn Bristowe.

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Some fans think it was the right call, and some even think he should move on from the position for good.

Others were unnerved by Chris’s absence and even chose to boycott the ATFR.

Unfortunately for that demographic, their efforts didn’t seem to impact the ratings for the season finale special.

The Bachelor ratings rose for season finale

Despite the controversy plaguing the show, the Bachelor finale received 6.1 million views and the ATFR special received 5.67 million.

Even if some people chose to change the channel when Chris was absent from the finale special, this still follows the upward pattern of ratings that the show had been receiving.

The ratings had dipped towards the middle of the season but have increasingly gone up during the later episodes and peaked at the finale.

It can be argued that the finale is a grander event and is therefore expected to have higher ratings than prior episodes.

Chris’s impact on the franchise will really be determined when The Bachelorette airs without him as host.

Why Chris stepped down from hosting The Bachelor

Chris stepped aside from his hosting duties after he defended Bachelor Rachael Kirkconnell during an interview with Bachelorette alum Rachel Lindsay.

Chris had excused Rachael’s Antebellum plantation post by stating that it was 2018 and times were different.

After receiving immense backlash, Chris stepped down with his future at The Bachelor uncertain.

Chris was initially determined to come back to the show. During a televised apology on GMA, Chris stated that he simply made a mistake and he planned on returning to his role hosting The Bachelor.

However, a lot has transpired since then.

Chris was apparently thrown off guard after Tayshia and Kaitlyn were chosen to replace him to host The Bachelortte.

Members of production noticed a shift in Chris’s demeanor ,which rubbed them the wrong way. Shortly after, Chris hired a lawyer.

Chris hired Bryan Freedman to explore options in how he could take legal action against the franchise.

A source close to Chris told Page Six that he was done covering up The Bachelor’s secrets.

If Chris were to pursue legal action, he would likely be throwing away his chance to return as the franchise’s host.

In the meantime, ratings will continue to prove how the show is doing following the controversy.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus at ABC.

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